How To Find And Buy Used Medical Equipment Near Me On eBay ? An Illustrated Guide


Ebay is another of the online platforms where it is very easy to find used home medical equipment at a decent price.

What makes it even better, is that you can do searches which are local to you, and so removing the sometimes prohibitive cost of shipping, which can be as much as the cost of your used item.

You set eBay, to find items that are being sold very near to you, making it possible to arrange to pick them up.

A seller on eBay will very often list items for a free pickup, and you contact them and arrange that.

But even if they are listed as being shipped, don’t be put off, if you are polite there is usually a way to arrange a pickup, and avoiding any shipping costs.

Buying  on eBay


So here’s how to set things up on an eBay search for items near to you.

You can start to just look without being signed in.

Step 1

Go to ebay.com – you can just click here.

This will load the homepage with the search bar at the top, as it is below.


Step 2

Click on the advanced search tab – on the far right, next to the blue search button, as you see it in the image below.



Step 3

A new page will load where you can customize your search.

You now need to fill in the following boxes as I have indicated – you can also check it in the image below.

For my example, I have chosen to search for hospital beds.

You will substitute that with the name of the item you are looking for.


  1. enter “your item” into the first search field, leaving the field below set to “All Categories
  2. next, find the section labelled Condition, and select the option – “Used”
  3. move on to the section labelled Location, and you need to select the option – “Located” – You then enter (a) the distance from your home which eBay will search for items, (remember you are doing a local search, so you can pick up the item), and then enter (b) your Zip Code in the box on the right
  4. That’s it, so go to the bottom of the page and hit the blue “Search” tab

You can see in the image below the results of my search for all used hospital beds for sale within 75 miles of my location, ranging in price from $137.75 to $12,000.00.

The majority of listings say “Pickup only: Free.” (this will be the case, especially for large items like a bed)

This was a search which was restricted to areas nearby (okay 75 miles is not really nearby, but you set the distance that you want), and you can go pick up the items, rather than spending money on shipping.



To the left of the listings, you will see that there are more search filters with which to further refine a search.

You have another filter which allows you to further adjust change the distance from your Zip Code for the search for your item.

You are able to change both the distance and the Zip Code, then click on the gray icon, which I have circled in red, on the right, below.


Also, if a listing catches your eye, and you want to take a further look, hover over the image and click on it.

This will load an item or listing page as shown below, with the seller details and more information about payment etc.


If the item is not marked for “pickup”, but close enough for you to do so, there is no harm in contacting the “seller” – see the image below – and asking them if you may actually pick it.



To be able to contact a “seller” you do need to have an eBay account, and you have to be signed in.

So, if you click on the “Contact seller” tab, and you are not signed in, you will get the form below asking you to “sign in”, or to “create an account”.

With cheaper items, such as raised toilet seats or bedside commodes, paying for shipping is very often as expensive as the item itself, and in these cases I just search within a few miles of my location and then contact the seller, if they are adding shipping, and see if I can’t just go and pick  it up. If you are polite, they can only say no !


There are no guarantees when you buy on used equipment on eBay


One last point,  there is no guarantee that the items are safe, and you are buying these used items at your own risk.

If you buy used medical equipment from a reuse center, which has refurbished your item, this typically has been done within certain guidelines, and that it has been sanitized and checked for safety.

A reuse center will tell you if they have refurbished and checked out a piece of equipment, or if they are simply passing it on “as is” and will not be held responsible for any breakages, or injury, related to that piece of equipment.

Online platforms for listings, all say that they can accept no responsibility, or liability, when you enter into a contract with a seller on their platform.

And when you buy “used equipment” it is bought “as is”, and it is an agreement between two private parties.


The equipment pick up


As with all online listings, when you arrange to go and pick up the equipment, it is a good idea to have someone else go with you, as you don’t know the person you are going to be dealing with.

Don’t have people deliver to your home, especially if you have an elderly loved one living there.

Stay Safe !!

Where else can I buy used medical equipment online near me ?

You can also buy used medical equipment locally online on –


  • Facebook Groups and Marketplace
  • Craigslist.com
  • Nextdoor.com
  • usedHME.com

Where can I get used medical equipment for free online near me ?

You can also find free used medical equipment locally online on –


  • Facebook Groups and Marketplace (for sale also)
  • Freecycle.org
  • Craigslist.com (for sale also)
  • Nextdoor.com (for sale also)
  • usedHME.com


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I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

Gareth Williams

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