14 Perfectly Discreet Commode Chairs: No One Will Ever Know !


My mom’s bedside commode is a pretty ugly looking thing, and it does rather telegraph what is going on. It isn’t hard to understand that some seniors don’t want everyone to see their commode and know what is going on with all the intimate details of their lives. Even if you are being cared for and assisted, everyone who comes by doesn’t have to know it all.

So, here’s a selection of 14 commode chairs which are perfectly discreetly disguised as armchairs and which will leave guests, and passersby, none the wiser as to the fact that they are actually commode chairs.

Woven armchair style bedside commodes


In this first group of 8 commodes, all are manufactured to resemble a wicker armchair, disguising totally the fact that they are bedside commodes.

The designs are all quite similar, but they are all washable and have a normal commode bucket in a hidden compartment, or as most of the manufacturers call it, a “cassette”, under the seat, of which no one except the user and caregiver will be aware.

Aidapt Lancaster Luxury Commode


This armchair commode design comes from the manufacturer Aidapt.

You can check out the design here.

You would never know this was a bedside commode, no matter how long you stand and stared at it.

The Lancaster Luxury Commode is an elegant, fabric covered armchair design which has been produced for use in the home – the frame is made from beech wood with the arms and backrest padded under the upholstery for comfort.

The fabric color is “oatmeal” and is made of a low maintenance, wipe-clean material.

The commode bucket and lid are in a solid bucket platform concealed under the seat, and not at all in evidence, unless you were to start taking the chair apart !

The bucket, which is elongated in form rather than round, is easily removed with the lid for cleaning, and then placed back under the seats afterwards – the whole area around the bucket is a flat plastic surface which is also easy to clean.

The chair is delivered already assembled, so there is nothing to do.

Due to the fact that this chair is made out of beech wood, it is a little heavier than the conventional bedside commodes made from aluminum – 28 1/2 lb, so it may be a bit difficult for some elderly adults to move it around.




  • Maximum User Weight 320 lb or 146 kg
  • Maximum User Weight (stones): 23
  • Net weight: 28 1/2 lb or 13 kg
  • Overall Height: 31″
  • Seat Depth: 18″
  • Seat Height: 17″
  • Width between Arms: 16″


CareCo Exmouth Luxury Commode


You can take a look at the CareCo Exmouth Luxury Commode here.

The Exmouth Luxury Commode is another elegant armchair style design, where you have absolutely no idea that the armchair also hides a commode.

The chair comes in a woven gray and white flecked weave.

The frame is a traditionally made wooden frame with an attractive basket woven upholstery, and has high sides giving solid support to the arms when the user is rising to stand or sitting down.

The height of the back and armrests also gives added privacy for the user of the commode.

The seating area is large giving lots of room to maneuver, to sit comfortably and gives good support if a person needs to sit for a long time.

The commode pan is very much hidden away under a big solid cushion with a lip, which conceals a nice seat cover, under which the bucket is placed. The bucket and seat are included with the chair.

This chair frame is made from wood, so it does weigh more than a conventional aluminum framed commode – 25 lb, which may be too heavy for some elderly adults.

The Exmouth Luxury Commode is shipped already assembled.




  • Product No: BA05034
  • Maximum weight capacity: 320 lb (146 kg)
  • Seat Width: 16″
  • Seat Depth: 18″
  • Seat Height: 17″
  • Height: 30″
  • Length: 22″
  • Width: 25″

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Basket Weave Commode


You can take a look at this armchair commode here.

This commode looks identical to the Gordon Ellis Basketweave Commode, and I suspect that they manufacture this model for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, but I could of course be wrong.

All the information is the same, so there is no point in repeating it.

The identical model from Gordon Ellis is available on Amazon.com in the US – “Gordon Ellis Derby Basketweave Commode”




  • Product No: GE001
  • Maximum Weight Capacity : 350 lb (160 kg)
  • Seat Width: 17″
  • Seat Depth: 17″
  • Seat Height: 18″
  • Chair Base: 20″ wide x 24″ deep
  • Width between arms: 21″
  • Weight: 7 kg (16 lb)

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Wicker Commode


You can take a look at the Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Wicker Commode here.

This is a traditional wicker style armchair commode with a wooden frame, which should easily blend into a home interior, without anyone suspecting it is a commode.

As for the color, the wicker is a mid brown color, and the padded seat cushion is black.

It is built with a removable padded seat which keeps the toilet seat and bucket totally hidden – the padded seat has a front lip which totally hides the toilet seat platform.

The padded seat is covered in a waterproof vinyl, so it’s easy to clean.

The commode bucket is round, rather than elongated.

Just like all the armchair styled commodes, the high sides give a user privacy, and they also help support the hands and forearms when the user pushes up to stand.

The toilet seat is like a large toilet seat, so if there is any spill on the commode it just wipes off the seat, and the bucket has a lid as usual to keep in the odors and to stop anyone from spilling the contents.

As with all these commode buckets, you can still use disposable commode liners to make clean-up easier.

This commode does weigh in at 31 lb, so don’t buy it for an elderly person if they will have to move it on their own – but it is very solid and has a nice high back as well.

The commode chair is shipped assembled.




  • Product No: COO8
  • Maximum weight capacity: 264 lb (120 kg)
  •  Seat Width: 17″
  • Seat Depth: 17″
  • Seat Height: 17″
  • Chair Base: 26″ wide x 26″ deep
  • Width between arms: 21″
  • Weight: 14 kg (14 kg)


Gordon Ellis Basketweave Commode


You can see the chair on the Gordon Ellis UK website here.

The commode is available on Amazon.com – but it is called the “Gordon Ellis Derby Basketweave Commode” in the US. The chairs are originally from the UK.

Designed by Gordon Ellis this Basketweave Commode is a traditional Lloyd Loom wooden framed chair, with a frame made from beech wood.

The chair is covered in a white and gold colored weave – I believe it is from a vinyl product, but they don’t say.

The chair has a self-locking commode bucket which according to the company is completely concealed from view, but the platform edge for the bucket is slightly visible underneath the chair cushion from the front, and this strip of plastic about 3/4″ wide is a little conspicuous, as it is bright white and shiny, amidst all the woven upholstery.

The cushion which sits over the platform is also a bit on the slim side, so I would suggest maybe getting a bigger cushion, and a throw which would completely, and very easily cover all evidence of the bucket platform – it is very little to do to hide those bits, and it does make you wonder why the designers didn’t make a bigger cushion, or color the plastic platform, so it didn’t catch the eye – these are minor points, as the chair is elegant and very solid at the same time.

Back to the bucket – it is elongated which facilitates cleaning, in comparison with round ones which don’t give quite so much space.

The sides of the chair are high, giving more support when getting up from the chair, along more privacy when you are using the commode.

The commode armchair weighs 16 lb, which in comparison to other commodes is much lighter, so this model should be easier for elderly users to move around, should they need to.

The basketweave commode is shipped assembled.




  • Maximum weight capacity – 350 lb (160 kg)
  • Product Dimensions: 30 1/2″ x 24″ x 20″
  • Net weight:  7.2 kg
  • Footprint (WxL) Min/Max: 600×500
  • Footprint Depth: 20″
  • Footprint Width: 24″
  • Height from Floor to Top of Back (mm): 30 1/2″

Gordon Ellis Derby Corner Commode


The Gordon Ellis Derby Corner Commode is truly different from any other type of commode, so take a look here.

The Derby Corner Commode has a unique corner shape which allows for provides access from the front, and from either side. This also means that it can be used for side transfers if the user is in a wheelchair.

Due to the fact that the commode fits into a corner it saves space, and more importantly it cannot fall, which for a lot of frail elderly users who sit back with a big thud, has got to be a plus.

The frame is polished hardwood and the seat cover and backrest are padded with brown vinyl upholstery.

The hardwood structure supports up to 560 lb, making it a good option for larger individuals, and as you can sit on it from 3 different sides the seat is wider than usual.

Sturdy legs in each corner give a high level of stability, and the seat and backrest are covered in padded vinyl upholstery.

As the commode is made to be used from three sides, under the seat cushion, there is a swiveling commode pan which you can be positioned to the left, right or center.

The commode weighs 24.75 lb, so like many of these other commodes, if you are looking for a chair that an elderly person can move around themselves, this may not be for you.

The commode is shipped already assembled.




  • Product No: 55085/BR
  • Maximum weight capacity: 560 lb (254 kg)
  • L x W x H – 24.8″ x 23.6″ x 32.3″

Homecraft Bedroom Chair Commode


You can take a look at the commode here.

The Homecraft Bedroom Chair Commode is available on Amazon in the US – it is made by Performance Health.

This is another elegant armchair design, which discretely hides the fact that it is also a commode, and as with all of these commode armchairs it will easily blend into any home decor.

The chair has a wooden frame which is covered with a flexible vinyl weave which is easy to clean, and gives both support and comfort to the user.

The commode has a vinyl covered seat pad for use over the commode bucket which is easy to clean, and is removed to reveal the bucket when it is to be used as a commode – this is another chair which has a visible strip of uncovered white plastic from the bucket platform below the seat pad, which you will probably want to cover with a throw.

Although this chair looks identical to the Gordon Ellis Basketweave Commode, it is actually made by Performance Health, and the seat pad is not from a woven fabric as on the Gordon Ellis model, but they do look identical.

The other difference is that on the Gordon Ellis chair the commode bucket is elongated, whereas here it is round. Although, it is concealed in the identically looking bucket platform.

Lastly, the weight of the armchair commode – 15 lb is more than 10 lb less than some other armchair commodes, so this may be far easier for an elderly person to move if they have to.




  • Prod. No: 091156645
  • Maximum weight capacity: 350 lb (160 kg) 
  • Seat width: 17 1/2″
  • Seat Depth (cm): 18″
  • Seat Height (cm): 18 1/2″
  • Chair base (cm): 22″ wide x 22″ deep
  • Chair Height (cm): 30 3/4″
  • Product weight: 7 kg

Walton Height Adjustable Commode Chair


You can take a look at the Walton Commode here.

The Walton commode mixes a traditional wicker style with modern height adjustable aluminum legs, blending effortlessly into most home interiors.

This is the only height adjustable armchair commode that there is on the market, so just for that it may be very useful for taller individuals, and you can set it to your height for added comfort.

The adjustable height range for the seat is 16″ – 21″ from the floor.

The weave is pale gray plastic with arm high rests on either side which will support the user when rising from the chair.

You can also get the chairs in white, or dark brown, if the gray doesn’t work with your interior.

The aluminum and plastic should make cleaning easier, and will help you with maintaining a proper hygiene standards, as you can disinfect and bleach them without having to worry.

The commode on this chair is completely hidden, and can be removed for cleaning ! You can this model convert it back to being just a chair if you no longer have need for a commode.

The commode bucket is a 7 liter bucket, with a ‘lock and lift’ lid and also a special handle for tipping the commode contents into the toilet.

The commode bucket is elongated in form, which is to make cleaning oneself easier.

The commode chair weighs 21 lb as with the other commode chairs it may be too heavy for an elderly adult to move around.

The commode is shipped already assembled.




  • Product No: 6288 0r 6289
  • Maximum weight: 418 lb (190 kg)
  • Weight: 9.53 kg
  • Seat Height: 16 – 21″
  • Seat Width: 19″
  • Seat Depth: 19½”
  • Armrest Height: 7½”
  • Potty Capacity: 7 liters

Wooden armchair style commodes


CareCo Alton Bedroom Commode Chair


You can take a look at the Alton Commode here.
The Alton Commode chair by CareCo is a wooden armchair with a faux leather seat and backrest, which will blend into most interiors, with no one realizing that it is a commode.

The chair has a brown faux leather seat under which is a padded vinyl toilet seat, under which you place the commode bucket – all made to be convenient and easily cleaned. The faux seat has a loop handle to make it easier to lift.

Under the comfortable faux leather seat you’ll find soft vinyl cushioning and a removable pan, easy to clean and convenient to use.

The commode section is totally hidden from view.

The commode bucket is round.

The armrests offer good hand and forearm support for when the users sit down, and stand up from the commode.

The Alton Commode is shipped assembled, so no need for DIY skills at home.

The weight of the commode chair is not negligible at 32 lb, so it may not be a good choice for elderly users who need to move their commode around.




  • Product No: BA05035
  • Maximum weight: 320 lb 146 kg
  • Seat width: 19″
  • Seat Depth: 18″
  • Seat Height: 17 1/2″
  • Chair base: 28″ wide x 28″ deep
  • Chair Height: 35″

CareCo Ludlow Bedside Commode


You can find the Ludlow Commode by CareCo here.

The Ludlow Commode is another wooden armchair commode which discreetly hides its commode functions, while blending into the interior of any home.

The gray fabric covered seat covers a soft vinyl toilet seat which is removable, and the pan slots in beneath, making it easy to clean and convenient to use.

The commode bucket is round, not elongated.

The armrests provide good support when rising from, or sitting down on, the commode.

The Ludlow Commode is shipped already assembled.

The Ludlow weighs 31 lb, so you need to bear that in mind if you are looking for a commode which an elderly person can easily move around on their own.




  • Product No: BA05036
  • Maximum User Weight: 320 lb  (146 kg)
  • Seat width: 18″
  • Seat Depth: 18″
  • Seat Height: 18″
  • Chair base: 22″ wide x 22″ deep
  • Chair Height: 33″

    Gordon Ellis Royale Commode Chair


    You can take a look at the Gordon Ellis Royale commode here.

    The Gordon Ellis Royale Wooden Commode is a stylish polished beech, or ash hardwood commode, which is available with a brown, husky pink, blue, or green seat and back rest.

    The chair is designed to be discreet, completely hiding the commode and bucket with a hinged seat, which you can quickly slide back to reveal the seat and the cassette and commode bucket.

    The cassette is removable and can be cleaned, and removed permanently, and the chair can be used as a chair instead.

    The commode bucket is elongated to facilitate cleaning for the commode user. 

    The Royale is available in extra wide for larger individuals.

    The commode weighs 35 3/4 lb, so it definitely may be too heavy for elderly adults to move by themselves.

    The commode chair is delivered assembled.




    • Prod. No: 5505/A 55059/BL, 55059/GR, 55059/BR
    • Seat size: 18″ x 17.5″
    • Back height: 35″
    • Seat height: 19″
    • Footprint: 21″ x 23″
    • Weight: 36 lb
    • Maximum user weight: 350 lb  160 kg

    Gordon Ellis Deluxe Commode Chair


    You can take a look at this commode here.

    Made by Gordon Ellis, the Deluxe Commode has a solid ash polished hardwood frame, and is a wooden armchair commode with a comfortable padded seat, padded backrest and hides its commode identity completely.

    The commode is available in a choice of three fabrics, or vinyl upholstery – blue, brown and floral.

    The padded seat of the commode conceals a removable cassette, which means you can remove them both from the chair and clean them, or just remove the bucket and clean it.

    The commode bucket is elongated form which giving more room for cleaning oneself while on the commode.

    If the commode is no longer needed, the cassette and bucket can be removed permanently, and the commode just used as a chair.

    The commode chair weighs 27 1/2 lb, which again may be a little heavy if it is for an elderly person.

    The commode chair is shipped assembled.




    • Product No: 55100/BR – brown  55100/CN – blue  55100/FB – flower basket for domestic use only
    • Maximum user weight: 420 lb
    • Dimensions:   L 20″ x W 17.7″ x  H 31.5″


    Gordon Ellis Devon Commode


    You can see the Devon Commode here.

    The Devon Commode is a wooden armchair with vinyl backrest and seating cushion, which again discreetly hides the fact that it is a bedside commode.

    Under the vinyl seat cushion is a tough plastic construction which, with the vinyl upholstery, gives the best hygiene.

    The vinyl covered passed back rest and seat are cream-colored, and the area holding the commode cassette is a gray brown color.

    The high arms provide support to the hands and forearms when rising from the seat, or sitting down.

    This wooden armchair is 18 lb in weight, which makes it a lighter option than all the other wooden armchairs on the list, and possible a better option for more elderly adults.




    • Product No. 55071/OA
    • Maximum user weight: 350 lb or 160 kg
    • Product No: 55071/OA
    • Dimensions: L 18.7″ x W 21.5″ x H 32.9″
    • Weight: 18 lb

    Mawcare Commode Chair


    You can see the Mawcare Commode Chair here.

    The Mawcare Commode Chair is a wooden armchair commode, with a choice of faux leather or waterproof highland fabrics, and will blend into your home interior.

    There are 13 different colors available, which is a huge selection compared with any of the other chairs.

    The chair fabrics are wipe-clean and have anti-microbial treatments for good hygiene.

    The padded seat cushion perfectly hides a toilet seat and commode bucket. The toilet seat is just like a conventional one, and the round bucket slots in underneath.

    The chair has high armrests, giving extra support for rising from the chair or sitting down.




    • Product No: 134
    • Maximum user weight: 320 lb  146 kg
    • Overall Height: 32″
    • Chair Base: 22″ x 22″
    • Seat width: 18″

    Types of bedside commodes

    Armchair bedside commodes may not be the best type for a lot of users. These models are less portable than an aluminum frame static bedside commode, but of course once you have them in position, the idea is that you like the way they look and will not want to shift them around too often.

    You will not of course be able to use these over a toilet, as you can with a 3-in-1 commode.

    If you want a bedside commode which can be placed over the toilet, and want to know more about 3-in 1 commodes specifically,  you can take a look at my article – “What Is A 3-in-1 Commode ? And What Is It Used For ?”. In the article, I discuss –

    • all about 3 in 1 commodes
    • well-known brands of 3 in 1 commodes
    • how to set up a 3 in 1 commode
    • how to set up a 3 in 1 commode over a toilet
    • how to set up a 3 in 1 commode as a safety frame
    • where to buy 3 in 1 commodes


    There are a number of different bedside commodes, which you can see illustrated below, and they all serve different purposes.

    Static folding bedside commode

    Attendant transport bedside commode

    Static stacking bedside commode

    Self-propelling transport commode

    Static shower bedside commode

    Attendant shower transport bedside commode

    3 in 1 bedside commode

    Self-propelling shower transport bedside commode

    Static drop arm bedside commode

    Transfer bench bedside commode

    To get an overview of all these other types of bedside commode, you can go find out about them in my article – “Bedside Commodes: How To Make The Right Choice ?”.

    Bariatric bedside commodes


    Aside from the Gordon Ellis Derby corner commode, there are no armchair commodes with a weight capacity over 420 lb, so for larger individuals these chairs are not suitable.

    As well as not being strong enough, they probably won’t have enough a room for those will larger thighs.

    Commodes for larger individuals which have far higher weight capacities are called bariatric or heavy duty bedside commodes.

    If you are looking for a commode for a larger person, bariatric models are available in all types of commode that I have just listed, except for the static shower commode.

    Bariatric commodes are typically those which have a weight capacity of 400 lb and above.

    If you want to find out more about bariatric commodes, I have an article, “What is a bariatric commode ?”, and also another which will help you sort out what is available by model, “Bariatric Bedside Commode Weight Limits: A Guide With 60 Examples and Illustrations”.

    While you are looking for bedside commodes, there is lots more that you can do to make your bathroom a safer place for seniors, or anyone else with mobility issues.

    To find out all the different things you can do, to have an instant impact on bathroom safety, take a look here, 54 Bathroom Safety Tips For Seniors – A Helpful Guide”.

    Using a bedside commode

    As with all other bedside commodes, you are going to need how to clean and maintain the condition of the bedside commode that you buy.

    Transfers to armchair are going to be much more difficult for wheelchair users, as these commodes do not have drop arms, and it probably is not a great idea to get one for a wheelchair user.

    Cleaning is going to be the same, as is emptying the bucket or using disposable commode liners.

    If you want to learn more about using a bedside commode, you look at my article Using A Bedside Commode: An Illustrated Guide”, which tackles the following subjects amongst others –

    • Where to position a bedside commode ?
    • What supplies are needed next to the commode for after use ?
    • How to stop a commode from tipping ?
    • How to transfer to a bedside commode ?
    • Bedside commode liners
    • How to transfer to a bedside commode ?
    • How to assist someone using a bedside commode ?

    Bedside commode odor control


    If there is one problem with bedside commodes, it is odor control.

    This is not a quick subject, and there are many things which can be done to control the level of odors coming from a bedside commode, aside from just emptying it when it has been used every time.

    You can install extractor fans, use air purifiers, products which can go in the pail, disposable commode liners, the absorption of smells into soft fabrics and bed linen etc.

    To learn about bedside odor control and how to keep the odors to an absolute minimum, I have another article focused on this topic, “Bedside Commode Odor Control: How To Keep It Smelling Sweet ?”.


    I’m Gareth, the author and owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

    I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

    Gareth Williams

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