Floor Protection For A Bedside Commode


I’ve been very lucky with my mom and her bedside commode, and never had any accidents when it was being used in her room. But isn’t to say that we didn’t take precautions like covering the floor and making a clear area around it, so she or I wouldn’t trip or knock anything over. 


As floor protection for a bedside commode you can use –


  • mats for bedside commodes
  • rubber floor mats
  • silicone mats
  • anti-microbial floor mats
  • bedside incontinence floor mats
  • incontinence underpads
  • waterproof potty training mats


All of these will work to protect the floor from any kinds of spills and leaks from a bedside commode.


This article is simply a list of the different types of product that you can use under a bedside commode to protect your floor, and to minimize the amount of clean-up you will have if there are any spills and leaks.

1/  Mats for bedside commodes


These are mats which have been designed to be used under bedside commodes to protect the floor from commode spills.


Wacmat Eco floor protection mat  – 24″ x 33″

The mats have a highly absorbent pile and a 100% waterproof backing, and can be placed under commodes, or by beds, to fully protect carpets and floors.

The mats lie flat on the floor, so are not a tripping hazard.

The mats are anti-creep, and machine washable, and can be tumble dried.


Primacare floor pad – 33 1/2″ x 48 1/2″

The primacare floor pad has a non-slip backing and an absorbent inner layer which provides protection from soiling.

The pads are machine washable at up to 95 degrees C and guaranteed for up to 300 washes.


2/  Rubber floor mats

The rubber flooring solutions I am suggesting here are quite thick, but incredibly durable, and you can wash them as you wish – mopping etc.

As a solution to the slightly thicker edge to avoid tripping, instead of using tape you could screw down aluminum, or brass, a transition strip (also known as a “carpet gripper”) so that elderly loved ones using the commode don’t trip on the edge – a transition strip makes a sloped rise instead of an abrupt edge, and stops the rubber from curling up.

The transition grip is not a big job to install – just a few small screws into the floor or even the carpet beneath. The rubber will just slide into the gap for the carpet or mat in the strip and is then screwed down.

There are lots of types of transition strip to choose from, so you can easily find one for your type of flooring.


Goodyear Coin-Pattern rubber flooring – 5/32 “(3.5 mm) thick   36″ x 48”

These are heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber flooring pre-cut sections which block any kind of liquid and can be scrubbed with anything you want – they are actually designed for heavy-duty shock absorption, and are no-slip due to the coin-pattern texture.

You could use double-sided tape on the underside so that the edges don’t come up, or tape it.

As it is a very permanent rubber you could also put it down and then screw down an aluminum, or a brass, transition strip (also known as a “carpet gripper”) so that elderly loved ones using the commode don’t trip on the edge – a transition strip makes a sloped rise instead of an abrupt edge, and stops the rubber from curling up.


Rubber-Cal Goodyear “fine-ribbed” rubber flooring – 5/32 “(3.5 mm) thick   36″ x 48”

This fine-ribbed corrugated flooring is made from thermoplastic elastomer and helps with traction.

You can also use the mat upside down if you don’t like the fine-ribbed surface, as it is flat on the back side.

To clean it you can wipe, scrub or mop it – it is as tough as nails.

3/  Oversized silicone craft mat


This may sound rather crazy, but these are for children for protecting tables when they are doing craft projects.

MonsterMat extra large silicone craft mat  – 36″ x 24″ 

This is the largest of the oversized craft mats and is very easy to wash and is totally water proof.

The mats are thick enough that they won’t tear when to walk on it.

You can just tape this silicone mat to the floor and wash it there or lift it off and wash it at the sink and then re-tape it.


4/  Anti-microbial floor mats


These mats are infused with anti-microbial product which helps kill bacteria, and reduces odors and mold.


American floor mats – Anti-microbial floor mats  – 2′ x 3′ up to 4′ x 12′

A commercial grade mat with 100% nitrile rubber backing and borders for resistance to movement and longevity. They are washed by a hose and hung to dry, or commercially cleaned.


ADA Anti-microbial commode mats – 35″ x  24″

The mats have an absorbent layer which catches liquid spills, and behind that has an impermeable backing which will stop any liquids having any contact with floors.

The mats are infused with a technology which stops the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold to keep the area fresher smelling.

The mats have an adhesive backing which keeps them flat and stops bunching up – it sticks to most hard floors and low pile carpets, but not recommended for hardwood or vinyl plank floors.

You can vacuum, sweep mop, or scrub to clean the mat, but do not launder it.


5/  Bedside incontinence floor mats


Normally used as a mat for the bedside for incontinence leakages, these mats are waterproof and can be used to protect the floor under and around a bedside commode.


FibreFresh absorbent incontinence bedside floor mat – 59″ x  35 1/2″

The mats protect against liquid spillage and leakage. The mats are highly absorbent and store urine and water to stop odors from spreading associated with unprotected wet carpets.


The mats are washable and can be washed at a high temperature over 200 times without it affecting the mats’ absorbency.

You will need to tape these down to avoid tripping.


6/  Incontinence Underpads


These are incontinence pads for beds, which are either disposable or washable.

The disposable versions come with a sticky edge, so you can simply place them on the floor under the commode and push them down to stick them – you will want to change them quite frequently.

If you don’t have them sticking out too far in front of the commode, they will last longer, but you may miss spills.

The washable underpads are typically made with a vinyl waterproof backing, so these are a lot more sturdy and can just be taped to the floor – use a wide tape so that they don’t come up at the edge and cause tripping. They can be washed after use, and some say up to 300 times.




Nobles Reusable/Washable Waterproof bed pads for children and adults – 23″ x 35″ 

These are simple incontinence bed pads which are waterproof and can be taped to the floor to hold them in place. They have a 100% vinyl backed polyester backing.

These are machine washable and dryable.


Platinum Care Pads reusable and washable incontinence underpads – heavy absorbency – 34″ x 36″

These are basic washable incontinence pads with a waterproof barrier, so can be taped to the floor under where you place your bedside commode.


RMS reusable and washable absorbent waterproof bed pad incontinence protection – 34″ x 36″

Waterproof, non-slip, machine washable and tumble dryable you can use these under a bedside commode if you tape them to the floor.


Marquis Mills washable waterproof heavy duty incontinence underpads – 34″ x 36″

Machine washable incontinence pads, which are waterproof and can again be taped to the floor to hold them in place.


Medline softnit washable incontinence underpads – 34″ x 36″

Another example of a washable and reusable incontinence underpads which can be placed and taped under a bedside commode.



Medlinde ultra absorbent quilted polymer incontinence underpads – 36″ x 36″

Waterproof underpads which have sticky edges which can be placed on the floor under the commode, and then thrown away when they get soiled.


HME disposable incontinence underpads with polythene back – 30″ x 30″

Moderately absorbent waterproof incontinence underpads with sticky edges which can be placed under a bedside commode to give waterproof floor protection.


Healthline Blue Chucks  disposable underpads with waterproof backing – 23″ x 36″ 

These pads have a high level of absorbency and a waterproof backing, and can be stuck to the floor with their sticky edges.


7/  Waterproof potty training mats


These are mats for potty training pets – dogs mainly, and are waterproof.

Some are machine washable and some are disposable.

There are many more pads than I have listed here, it is just a few examples of what is out there, and you will have to make your own choice.



Millie Mats washable dog pads – 31″ x 36 “

Highly absorbent and designed to absorb 4 cups of water to protect floors – it is made with a polyurethane laminate.

The mat is 95% polyurethane and 5 % rayon

The bottom has anti-slip dots, so that it won’t move all over the place, but as a mat for a commode you will want to tape down the edges to avoid any tripping over them.


JdPet washable dog pee pads –  31″ x 36″

This is mat is 100% polyester an dis machine washable.

The bottom has an anti-slip waterproof silica gel backing which protects the floor from liquids.

You will want to tape the edges down to hold it in position and to stop them causing tripping.


Paw Inspired washable pee pads – 30″ x 32″

These are washable mats with a waterproof bottom layer.

You will want to tape the edges down to hold it in position and to stop them causing tripping.


Premium care washable waterproof pet training pad – 30″ x 36″

Ultra-absorbent waterproof pad which can be washed over 200 times made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

The bottom layer of the pad is a PVC water-resisting layer with a skid-proof back.

You will want to tape the edges down to hold it in position and to stop them causing tripping.


Deepablaze washable reusable waterproof potty training pads – 39 1/2″ x 26 1/2″

The pads are waterproof, machine washable and non-slip, and just need some tape around the edges to hold them down.



Bulldogology carbon tech puppy training pads

These pads have 6 layers,  of which the last is a waterproof layer.

The liner has sticky strips down to the sides that you can use to stick the pad down, and stop the edges from coming up and causing tripping.


Kirkland extra large absorbent pads – 30″ x 23″

The top layers absorb splashes and liquids and the poly backing protects from leaks.

You can use the sticky strips to stick the pad to the floor.


Bark xxxl pee pads – 30″ x 36″

In tests, these have been found to hold 6 cups pf liquid before the pads leak, which is a huge amount and more than what you need for small spills on the floor from a bedside commode.

You can also get a charcoal version, which will have an extra layer to absorb odors.

You will stick it to the floor using the sticky strips on the underside of the pad.


Four paws wee-wee pads – 27 1/2″ x 44″

These pads have 5 layers and will protect the floor from any leaks.

The sticky pads on the underside can be used to stick the pad to the floor, so the edges don’t come up and cause tripping.

I’m Gareth, the author and owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

Gareth Williams

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