Free Help With Understanding Medicare and Medicaid ? Here’s Where You Get It


For individuals having trouble understanding Medicare benefits and payments, who gets it, when and how, there is a free guidance service in every state.

Your State Health Insurance Assistance Program gives free guidance for Medicare, and more.

SHIP – State Health Insurance Assistance Programs – Guidance for free


Your State Health Insurance Assistance Program -SHIP  – offers one-on-one counseling and guidance on Medicare services, should you wish to talk to someone about Medicare and your benefits.

Typically, the service is usually offered over the phone, in some cases it can be conducted in-person.

In addition to the guidance on Medicare, your  SHIP also offers free counseling for Medicare Advantage, Medigap and Medicaid benefits.

To contact your State SHIP, click on this link here.

How to contact a SHIP counselor in your state


Step 1 –

Clicking on the link above will load the page below you will arrive here –



Step 2 –

Click on one of the two buttons to find your state SHIP – both buttons load the same menu to choose your state.

The button below is on the top right of the page above, and the button on the right is center right of the page above.


Step 3 –

Select your state from the menu and click on that.



Step 4 –

The page below will load for you with your SHIP contact info and including a phone number for you to call in your state.


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