How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On Facebook ? An Illustrated Guide


Do you have used medical equipment that you no longer need, and would like to donate to someone else ? If you do, it’s very easy to do it on Facebook, and to give it to a person living near you.

The only thing that you need is a Facebook account, and those are free.

If you don’t have a Facebook account and you want to do this, all you have to do is type “create Facebook account” into your browser, and then follow the instructions.

Once you have a Facebook account, you’ll be able to


  • join local (you can choose from groups close or far) Selling Groups
  • and use the Facebook Marketplace (this may take several months, as it is not available to users straight away)


All kinds of items are sold and donated in the selling groups.


How to find and join facebook selling groups near you 


1. Once you are into your account, click on either –


  • the group icon in the main Navigation Menu at the top of the page
  • or the in the left hand sidebar menu

– the result is the same


2. Next, go click on the “Discover” menu tab in the left sidebar menu – check the image below if you are not sure.



The “Discover” tab will lead you to a page like the one below, which has lots “groups” in your area, and you need to pick out the ones which are for buying and selling.



3. There is strip of categories across the page, shown below in between the rows of groups, and you need to click on “buy and sell”.



This then loads a page full of groups of people buying and selling in your area.


4. Join as many group as you need to – the more you join the greater the chance of finding someone for your donation.

5. Now you have to wait for the group, or groups, that you asked to join to approve your membership – the time it takes will depend on the speed of the group admins.

To view the groups you have joined one by one you go to the “Groups” menu tab in the main menu, and then you click on the individual groups on the left of the page which are in the list “Groups you’ve joined”.

This will load individual selling group pages and their timeline, complete with the different postings of all the members – they look just like your own facebook timeline page.

You can see that below – on the left is the an image with the “Group you’ve joined” tab, and on the left is a selling group timeline.


What is the Marketplace and how is it used ?


As I stated earlier, the Marketplace is not instantly available to new Facebook users, and you may have to wait several months before you can see it in your menu options and be able to use it.


The Marketplace is a free online listing service where anyone with a Facebook account can place an advertisement for an item they are selling or giving away for free.

You do not have to be a member of a selling group to use the Marketplace, but if you are in selling groups and you want to, you can list an item on the Marketplace and in all your groups at the same time – saves time !

Okay, so here is how you get to the Marketplace –

either by using the sidebar Marketplace menu tab on the facebook homepage, or by using the Marketplace icon in the primary navigation menu which is on all the pages.

You can see each one in an image below.



This will load the Marketplace page bringing together all the items that people are selling, or offering on the Market place listings.


You can use filters in the left side bar to select, or remove items in quite a few ways including –


  • sales within a certain distance (goes up to 500 km) so you can make the “Marketplace” as local as you want to
  • by selling group – these may also be very local to you
  • and….


“free stuff”, which is where your donation will be listed on the “Marketplace”.



How to post your donation the Facebook Marketplace

To post your listing of a donation on the Facebook Marketplace you can simply follow the instructions from Facebook here –https://www.facebook.com/help/561376580709359

Don’t forget, that if you are in buying and selling groups, that you can post a listing on the Marketplace and in all your groups at the same time, from the Marketplace.


How to post your donation in a Facebook Selling Group


To post your donation on your selling group timeline (ie just for members of your group) –


  • you go to your group
  • in the main menu you have the menu tabs “Buy and Sell” and “Your Items”, both of which will take you to “Sell Something” when you click on them
  • add in the information details and a photo
  • list your item for 0$ so that it will be shown in the “Free Stuff” category


If you are a member of multiple selling groups and you want your donation to be posted in all groups in one go, then use the Marketplace method, and your donation will be posted to all of your selling groups at the same time.


If someone is interested in your donation they will message you through the selling group, and from there you can decide how you want to go ahead and sort out the pickup for the item you’re donating.



Where else can I donate used medical equipment online near me for free ?

You can also donate used medical equipment locally online for free with –


  • Craigslist.com
  • Freecycle.org
  • Usedhme.com


The process is a little different for each, but I have articles on how to do it on each platform and you can find links to each article below.
How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On Craigslist – here.
How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On Freecycle.org  – here.
How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On usedhme.com – here.


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