How To Find A Rotary Club Near Me ? A Very Quick Illustrated Guide


Trying to find Rotary Clubs in your area ? If you are, here is a simple guide on how to do that.

Finding a Rotary Club near you 


Rotary Clubs run a lot of charitable programs, and if you want to join one or donate some used medical equipment, or ask them about other charitable organizations in your area, it is very easy to find clubs near you.

Here are the steps to locating a Rotary Club near you.

I am looking for clubs in San Jose in my example.

Step 1/

Click on the link below, and you will be taken to the “Rotary Club locator tool” – 




Step 2/

In the fields on the locator tool, you need to enter –


  1. Meeting Location – so for me “San Jose, California, USA”, 
  2. Club Type – select “Rotary Club”

– you can see this in the image below.



Step 3/

If you then click on the blue “search” button, a list of all the Rotary Clubs in the San Jose area will appear on the right of the search tool, under a graphic of a map which pinpoints the clubs as well. You can see this below.



Step/ 4

I got a list of 8 clubs in San Jose.

So now click on the club names in blue, which I have underlined in the image below.


Once you have clicked on a club name a page will load, you can see the example below, with the contact details, meeting locations etc. for that particular club.

Some clubs include a phone number, and some don’t, but there is always a website page from which you can message the club.

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