Great Tips For Toilet Paper Holders For Bedside Commodes


One of the great questions that you ask yourself  when you own a bedside commode is” Where will we put our roll of toilet paper ?”

Personally my mom just uses a freestanding toilet paper holder, or sits it on a shelf, but there are quite a few options out there.

You can hang your toilet roll directly on the frame of your bedside commode if you are so inclined, using one of 6 devices manufactured for that purpose. But if you don’t feel that you need it directly attached to the bedside commode, then you have a much wider array of freestanding toilet paper holders, dispensers and slim cabinets to choose from.

Toilet roll holders designed for bedside commodes


Strangely, there are very few toilet roll holders which are specifically designed to attach to bedside commodes, but I guess when you look at all the freestanding toilet paper holders there are, you don’t really need one which attaches to the commode.

You can also just sit the toilet roll on a piece of furniture next to the bedside commode, or in a drawer.

Anyhow, here is a list of the few designs which exist which attach to the bedside commode frame if that is what you are looking for.

You can find these on Amazon and other large retail sites.

They all retail for less than $20.00

Personally, I don’t think that any of them are that great, and they are not that easy to get a hold of.


  • Carex toilet paper holder for bedside commodes
  • Parsons ADL clip-on toilet paper holder
  • Nymas clip-on toilet paper holder
  • Graham Field Lumex toilet paper holder
  • TP Buddy toilet roll holder

Freestanding toilet roll holders


Freestanding toilet roll holders are a good alternative to having to attach a toilet roll holder to a bedside commode.

You can place where you want next to the bedside commode, and you can have two or three back up rolls as well.

The prices range anywhere from $10.00 and up, but the bulk of the freestanding holders cost between $16.00 – $35.00.

Even the cheapest models seem to be perfectly adequate – as they don’t really do much, all you have to wonder is how solid they are.

The holders are available at most large retails and on their sites online.

Here are some examples –


On Amazon.com


  • Bino spiral freestanding toilet roll holder – $14.99
  • Delight Source toilet paper holder –  $25.99
  • Geekdigg freestanding toilet paper holder with shelf – $19.89
  • Gatco freestanding toilet paper holder – $35.98
  • GERZWY toilet paper freestanding toilet paper holder – $27.30
  • iDesign Classico metal freestanding toilet roll holder – $20.78
  • InterDesign Bruschia freestanding toilet paper holder – $16.56
  • KES freestanding toilet paper holder – $29.99
  • KLXHome freestanding steel toilet paper holder – $45.00
  • LDR extra toilet paper holder with brushed nickel finish – $12.99
  • mDesign Decorative metal freestanding toilet paper holder – $16.99
  • Minggoo freestanding toilet paper holder – $19.99
  • MOOACE freestanding toilet paper holder – $19.99
  • Simple Houseware toilet paper holder – $17.87
  • SunnyPoint bathroom toilet paper holder – $16.99
  • TomCare freestanding toilet paper holder  – $21.99
  • Treelen freestanding  toilet paper holder with storage shelf – $22.99


At Walmart.com


  • Bath bliss satin bathroom toilet paper holder – $19.89
  • Better homes and gardens satin nickel standing toilet paper holder – $16.84
  • Costway freestanding toilet paper holder – $19.99
  • Home basic bronze toilet paper holder – $12.00
  • Home basics chrome freestanding dispensing toilet paper holder – $19.47
  • InterDesign 68710 chrome classico freestanding toilet paper holder – $22.64
  • InterDesign bruschia freestanding toilet paper holder – $44.31
  • InterDesign Kent Bathware freestanding toilet paper holder – $11.94
  • Kudosale toilet paper holder stand – $19.92
  • mDesign decorative metal freestanding toilet paper holder – $31.75
  • Mainstays freestanding toilet paper holder – $20.46
  • Splash home bijou freestanding toilet paper holder – $13.25
  • SunnyPoint Classic freestanding bathroom toilet paper holder – $39.99

At Homedepot.com


  • Better living loo toilet caddy in polished nickel – $39.59
  • Gatco bathroom essentials latitude II freestanding toilet paper holder stand in chrome
  • Home basics metro toilet paper holder in bronze – $11.93
  • Home basics toilet paper reserve in chrome -$13.13
  • Home basics toilet paper holder in chrome – $17.71
  • InterDesign axis freestanding toilet paper holder plus in chrome – $27.53
  • InterDesign classico toilet paper holder in bronze – $22.39
  • Zenna Home freestanding toilet paper holder in chrome wire – $14.98


Freestanding toilet roll holders with storage


These are freestanding toilet holders which also have some kind of rack for magazines, and some also have a shelf for a phone or a tablet, or whatever the user would like to put there.


On Amazon.com


  • GeekDigg freestanding toilet paper holder with wheels – a cart and a top shelf for phone, tablet wipes etc. – $27.99
  • X-cosrack freestanding toilet paper holder and bathroom organizer stand – $29.99


At Walmart.com


  • Bigbolo bathroom toilet paper holder and table with magazine storage – $34.52
  • Ktaxon bathroom table-top toilet paper holder and magazine storage rack – $34.98
  • Zimtown Bathroom table toilet paper holder and storage rack – $37.99


At Homedepot.com


  • Basicwise toilet paper holder with magazine rack in black – $29.99
  • Freestanding toilet paper holder dispenser and magazine rack in metal silver – $49.49
  • Furinno Wayar toilet paper holder with magazine stand in silver – $18.52
  • Toilet caddy with magazine rack in chrome – $30.57

While you are looking for bedside commodes, there is lots more that you can do to make your bathroom a safer place for seniors, or anyone else with mobility issues.

To find out all the different things you can do, to have an instant impact on bathroom safety, take a look here, 54 Bathroom Safety Tips For Seniors – A Helpful Guide”.

Freestanding narrow toilet paper dispenser cabinets


Here I’m looking at tall thin cabinets which are for storage and toilet paper dispensing.

You are going to want to have things other than toilet paper, so you may want to have a very slim storage cabinet right next to the commode which takes up very little space.


On Amazon.com


  • Aojezor small bathroom storage cabinet toilet paper holder – $35.99
  • Gotega small bathroom toilet paper storage cabinet – $28.99
  • Jerry & Maggie 4 tier bathroom storage cabinet – $36.99


At Walmart.com


  • Enjoyous freestanding toilet paper bathroom cabinet – $35.83
  • Haotian FRG177 freestanding bathroom storage cabinet and toilet paper holder – $47.99
  • Ktaxon slim freestanding bathroom storage cabinet and toilet paper holder – $21.99
  • Ktaxon narrow freestanding bathroom storage floor cabinet and toilet paper holder – $24.99
  • Lowestbest  small bathroom storage cabinet and toilet paper dispenser – $42.18
  • Otviap freestanding toilet paper bathroom cabinet – $31.27
  • Quenaty floor multifunctional freestanding bathroom storage cabinet with toilet paper holder – $26.49
  • Quenaty Small bathroom storage corner floor cabinet toilet paper holder – $35.43
  • Zimtown freestanding bathroom cabinet and toilet paper holder – $20.99
  • Zimtown freestanding narrow bathroom cabinet and toilet paper holder – $27.98


At homedepot.com


  • 2 in 1 wood toilet roll holder and storage unit cabinet Nouméa – $86.99
  • 2 in 1 toilet roll holder and storage unit cabinet in brown oak – $87.43

Slide-out bathroom floor cabinets


A slim cabinet which holds more than just a few toilet rolls is also a very useful addition to the bedside commode set up.

They can be very slim, so they don’t take up a ton of room, but just big enough to hold things other than toilet paper rolls.

If you are assisting your loved one with cleaning themselves you will want somewhere to keep all the cleaning equipment for yourself, and for your loved ones, so a cabinet with a little more capacity than that required for 3 toilet rolls may be a good idea.

I couldn’t find any examples of this type of cabinet at Home Depot or on Amazon, but there are some at Walmart, and it’ll give you an idea of what I am suggesting here.


A combined screen and shelving for extra privacy


One big issue with bedside commodes is privacy, but not just privacy when it is being used.

I have a whole article on how to hide a bedside commode, or to create a more private and discrete area for one, which you can read here if you want to. I suggest lots of different options and ways of doing this so that when our elderly loved ones receive a visitor, they don’t have to have the bedside commode sticking out in the middle of their living space like a sore thumb.

For now though I was just thinking of one particular method which could also provide the storage for all the required objects and equipment including the bedside commode.

The idea is a solid screen or partition (like a shelving, but freestanding) which hides the bedside commode behind it, and creates a no-go private area.

On both sides it has shelving or boxes where you can store things on the bedside commode side, and on the public side you can display objects that your loved one likes.

Now of course this might not be great for someone who isn’t that mobile if it is too far away from the bed, off in the corner, but for someone who can walk a little and who wants to set aside a corner for their privacy it can work very well, and allow you to get all the necessary provisions into that private space.

Buy extra commode buckets for a bedside commode


Buy several commode buckets if you are not using disposable commode liners, as the plastic absorbs all the smells even if you are washing them thoroughly and regularly.

If you have two or three buckets, the one which has just been used can be soaked for several hours in a disinfectant to kill any bacteria which have been absorbed, and are causing the bucket to smell, even when it is washed.

It should not be difficult to find a commode bucket, as most large retailers like Walmart sell universal commode buckets – and once you have a bedside commode you will be able to see that you are getting the right size.

There are some commodes which have more rectangular buckets, and you will probably have to contact the supplier for replacement buckets, as universal round buckets won’t work in these bedside commodes.



What other supplies do you need next to a bedside commode ?


Disposable commode liners


If you don’t like cleaning the bedside commode and tipping everything down the toilet, then disposable commode liners are probably for you.

You can just pop the liner over the commode bucket, place an absorbent pad inside the liner, and after use immediately tie the liner up, seal it and throw it away in the outside trash. All of it done in the blink of an eye.

All that remains is to get a fresh liner on the bucket, and it is ready for use again.

If you want to learn more about disposable commode liners I have an article which outlines all the main brands, the different types, using them with and without absorbent pads, how to dispose of the waste if you don’t use absorbent pads, where to buy them, which ones are sold in bulk, how to make your own if you can’t afford to buy them ready-made, and some tips on cleaning commodes. You can read that article here.


Cleaning Equipment


You are going to want some equipment to wipe down the commode between through cleanings in the bathroom, and if you are assisting your loved one with cleaning themselves, you will need some provisions to clean them.


To give the commode a light clean and the area around the commode, you’ll need –


  • disposable gloves
  • paper towels
  • multipurpose cleaning cloths
  • a bowl for water
  • a spray cleaner
  • a spray disinfectant
  • a sponge


To help your loved one clean themselves –


  • disposable gloves
  • toilet paper
  • a bowl for water
  • a wash cloth
  • dry towels
  • wipes

Other aspects of using a bedside commode


If you want to know more about –


  • the setting up and where to place the commode for your loved one’s safety
  • the emptying of the commode waste
  • cleaning the commode and the surrounding areas
  • the bedside commode odor control
  • how to use a bedside commode over a toilet


I have written an article all about using bedside commodes, all the types, how to clean them properly, disinfecting the buckets, how to set them up, different ways of stopping them from tipping, where to set them up, all the different supplies and so on. So, if you need to learn all this, you can find that article here.

And I have another very thorough article entitled “Do You Put Water In A Bedside Commode” all about preparing the bedside commode bucket with water and other products, proper odor control, specialist cleaning products for those difficult commode spillages, bedside commode frame cleaning and maintenance, and how make the whole cleaning process a little more bearable when the smell is really getting to you. You can read the article here.


I’m Gareth, the author and owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

Gareth Williams

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