Where Can I Donate A Shower Chair ?

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If you have a piece of equipment which you have been using for your elderly loved one, but no longer need, it’s a great time to let someone else who may be less fortunate benefit from it. 

Where can I donate a shower chair ? You can donate to state programs, online equipment exchanges, recycling centers, national and international nonprofit organizations, local charities, and more. I have listed over 80 programs and charities, and suggested many other institutions that you can also check with in your neighborhood for local projects to donate to.

You can actually donate used medical equipment to quite a broad range of programs, charities, institutions, online equipment exchange programs and resellers.

Here are just a few of the different possibilities we’ll be taking a look at –


  • National charities and nonprofit organizations working both internationally and nationally
  • State Assistive Technology Programs
  • Online Equipment Exchanges
  • Recycling / Refurbishment / Re-use Centers
  • Medical Equipment Loan Closets
  • Community Groups
  • Thrift Stores
  • Different Institutions in your neighborhood
  • Other online equipment exchanges
  • Municipal and local Agencies
  • Churches

To start with I to explain what a number of the options are, as you may not have heard of them.

National Charities and nonprofit organziations 

These are organizations which have a national network, or an international mission, or both. I am including organizations like Goodwill who have stores all over the US, and others who collect equipment all over the US, but who then distribute in less developed countries.

State Assistive Technology Programs

As their name suggests these are statewide programs which are present in almost every state in the US. 

The US government gives a federal grant each state to increase access for the disabled and the elderly to what are known as Assistive Technology Devices.

Assistive Technology Devices are devices which help enable individuals to complete tasks, and medical equipment is part of this. Also known at AT, it is pretty much synonymous with the term Durable Medical Equipment for our purposes.

The different AT state programs work in their own ways with their grants, but they will very often work with local community groups who have their own networks for collecting medical equipment to be refurbished and re-distributed to those in need.

You can find what programs are running in your state by going to this website CATADA – Center for Assistive Technology Act Data Assistance – https://catada.info/state.html

Step 1/ – Here’s a screenshot of the page you will go to

To start you can your state on the map, or use the drop down menu, and click on  “Go to state”

– I chose Florida for this example

Step 2/

You will see that I have outlined the name of the “Program Title” and if you click on this you will be taken – in general – to the website for the state AT program.

Before you do that though, you should just take a glance at the 5 sub-categories below this, and in particular these three –


  • device reutilization
  • device loan
  • device demonstration

You would think that you would always find these categories on the main website for the state program, but it’s not the case.

Quite often state AT programs partner with nonprofits or community groups run by volunteers who have networks across the state which are already in place and functioning well, and they may run their own websites.

In a nutshell you need to take a look here to see what you have to go look for on the main website, and if you can’t find it, you’l find it on the websites of the partners mentioned in theses three sub-categories above.

You will be looking for online equipment exchanges, reuse programs, loan closets and any stores through which the programs are either selling recycled equipment at low cost, or distributing the equipment to those who can’t afford it.

You’ll be happy to know though that I have prepared a list of what is available in virtually every state in the US.

If you wish to skip the section on national and international charities and nonprofits, and go straight to the state programs, just click here.

Step 3/

Once you click on the link for the Assistive Technology Program website (the one I outlined in red), you will find their contact information as I did on the Florida Assistive Technology Program website.

Online Equipment Exchanges 

As part of their assistive technology programs a large percentage of states have online equipment exchange programs.

Some states run them on their main site, or they are run by a partner program with its own site, or on the national provider AT4All, but you should find a link to the exchange on the main site. 

Even if you don’t find a mention of one it is a good idea just to enter into the site search “equipment exchange” in case you can’t find it. 

Basically, an equipment exchange is an online listing of classified ads where you can post up any equipment in your state, and you can sell, donate, buy, or put up a request for equipment. In most cases it is a process which is handled between individuals without any interaction with the program, they just provide the platform.

This is not always the case though, sometimes a state will refurbish equipment and then post it on an exchange, rather than distributing it through centers and groups in the community.

As I have already said, I have listed all the exchanges I could find in the section on statewide programs here.

Loan Closets

A loan closet is a resource of equipment which is loaned out either long term or short term to residents of the area that the loan closet functions in.

Loan closets may work with lots of different partners – AT programs, nonprofits, charities or other – or can be small charitable affairs just operating in one town rather than across a state or region.

In general to use a loan closet you have to be a resident of that area or state.

Recycling/Refurbishment/Reuse Programs

These centers may be small independent groups manned by community volunteers, or they can be larger nonprofits or companies partnered with a government program such as a state AT project.

Some run large chains of outlets or centers where they sell equipment at a low cost, or distribute it to those who can’t afford to buy it. 

They will have standards of sanitation and won’t want equipment which is too old or too damaged.

Very often if you just want a center where you can drop off equipment near you, you will find these are good places to start.

I have listed the ones which operate statewide in my list of statewide projects here.

Let’s start …

Organizations working nationally or internationally which accept donations of medical equipment, including shower chairs

Some of the organizations listed below such as Goodwill and Easterseals have stores and affiliates all over the US.

You will be able to use the store locators on their websites to find the nearest one so you can easily drop off your shower chair at their locale.

Some of these organizations may organize a pick up, or you may have to pay to send the shower chair if you can’t get there. 

Advocates for World Health

Donations of medical equipment are accepted and sen to the developing world.

To find out about donating use the link here – https://awhealth.org/donate-medical-equipment/


There are affiliates all over the US with centers you can donate equipment.

For your local Easterseals affiliate go here – https://www.easterseals.com/connect-locally/


You can donate equipment and medical supplies.

The page for donating is here – https://www.esperanca.org/donate-supplies/

To see their equipment wishlist visit here – https://www.esperanca.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Medical-Supply-Wishlist.pdf

Esperenca works mostly with projects in Latin and Central America.

Global Links

The organization accepts donations of medical equipment distributes it to under-sourced hospitals in developing countries.

For Global Links infromation on donating this is the website page – https://www.globallinks.org/our-work/programs/medical-surplus-recovery-program/individual-and-community-surplus-recovery

Global Mobility USA

The organization accepts donations of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, ramps and physical therapy and occupational therapy equipment.

Here’s the link to their donations page with all the information  – http://www.globalmobilityusa.org/equipment-and-in-kind-donations

They don’t take shower chairs, but you may have something else they do accept which you would like to donate.


Donations of shower chairs are accepted in there local Goodwill stores all across the US.

To find your local store go to this page on their website – https://www.goodwill.org/locator/

HERO Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

Hero recycles and sells in it’s local store and also distirbutes equipment around the world with medical mission teams.

Donations have to be dropped off at their store, which will be a little difficult if you aren’t local to Fargo, North Dakota.

This is the donation page for individuals on their website – https://www.herofargo.org/wp-content/uploads/IndividualSupplies.pdf

Med Share

MedShare accepts donations of medical equipment and distributes to communities in need around the world.

There are three MedShare distribution centers where you can donate equipment.

Check this on the MedShare website – https://www.medshare.org/


The organization accepts donations of medical equipment from individuals at their warehouse in Cleveland Ohio.

You can find out more about donations here – https://www.medwish.org/give/

Medical Bridges

The organization accepts all kinds of durable medical equipment including shower chairs which sends to communities around the world.

To donate you need to visit this page on their website – http://www.medicalbridges.org/donate/medical-supplies-and-equipment

Project Cure

The organization distributes donated medical equipment to the developing world.

Here is the page on donating – https://projectcure.org/donate-supplies-equipment

REMEDY – Recovered Medical Equipment for the developing World

REMEDY furnishes medical supplies and equipment to global aid to help to those in need.

REMEDY accept donations of durable medical equipment from individuals, which they then redistribute through global aid.

Use this web page to donate to REMEDY – https://www.med-eq.org/Login/form.aspx?type=donate&quick=1

Salvation Army

You can donate all types of medical equipment.

To find out how to donate go here  – https://satruck.org/

You can even schedule a free pickup !

The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations

You can donate medical equipment which will be given to underserved communities.

To donate go to this website page here – http://www.pqmd.org/pillars/donation-guidelines/

Organizations and programs which you can donate medical equipment to statewide

Just pick your state from the list and click on it.


Alabama Assistive Technology Resource (STAR)

STAR supports five centers which recycle AT devices and DME for disabled members of the community.

The centers and the contact details are all listed this web page –  http://www.rehab.alabama.gov/individuals-and-families/star/assistive-technology-centers

There is an online Assistive Technology Exchange in Alabama which you can access here – http://al.at4all.com

You can exchange, buy, sell, or donate directly to those who need the equipment.


Assistive Technology of Alaska (ATLA)

The Alaska Assistive Technology Trading Post or AK Trading Post is 

  • an equipment exchange
  • a reuse program with loans, giveaways and sales

Call about the equipment exchange and donating  on –  907 563-2599

Their website is here – https://www.atlaak.org/

Alaska Center for Children and Adults (ACCA)

ACCA is a nonprofit assisting individuals with disabilities.

ACCA runs a loan closet which has ” adaptive mobility equipment”  – so no shower chairs, but you may have something else for them at another time.

This is the loan closet website page  – http://alaskacenter.org/loan-closet/

For information Call –  456-4003

Access Alaska  – Loan Closet

Access Alaska is a another nonprofit organization assisting people in the community with disabilities.

You can donate medical equipment to the Access Alaska Loan Closet here – https://www.accessalaska.org/dme-loan-closet


Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP)

AzTAP has three programs giving access to recycled AT equipment –


The Arizona Assistive Technology Exchange (ATEX)

Here’s the exchange website – https://www.azatexchange.org/home.php


AT & Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Reuse Coalition

This site  provides a listing of Arizona programs involved in activities of equipment reuse, including medical equipment loan closets.

The website is – https://www.azatreuse.org/

You fill out a quick form to locate a participating reuse program near you to donate your equipment.

Open-Ended, Long Term Device Loans

AzTAP offers some equipment which is still in good condition for free – these are open ended long term loans.

The web page is here – https://aztap.org/at-reuse/open-ended-device-loans/


Increasing Capabilities Access Network (iCAN)

iCAN is a state Assistive Technology Program with –

  • a Device Recycling Program which takes a wide range of donated equipment 
  • the Equipment Exchange   is an online exchange of ad listings of used equipment for sale, donation, or exchange

To find out more go here – https://ar-ican.org/about-ican/

here – https://equipment.ar-ican.org/


Ability Tools

Ability Tools has an Assistive Technology Exchange for donating and receiving medical equipment and AT devices across California.

Here’s the website page for the exchange – http://abilitytools.org/services/at-exchange-transition.php


Ability Tools and Reuse programs

Ability Tools partners with reuse programs and posts their available inventories on the AT Exchange.

Here you can find out about the reuse centers – http://abilitytools.org/services/reuse-programs.php

You can call and donate equipment to the centers if you don’t wish to get involved in the online exchange.


Connecticut Tech Act Project

CCTAP supplies recycled medical equipment through their community partner New England Assistive Technology  (NEAT) Center at Oakhill.

To donate equipment visit this website page – https://assistivetechnology.oakhillct.org/equipment-to-donate/

The equipment they accept changes, so you need to see if they are taking shower chairs when you look.

Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging also accepts donations of medical equipment – call 203-757-5449.


Delaware Assistive Technologies Initiative (DATI)

DATI has an Assistive Technologies Exchange on which you can donate your equipment if you are a resident of Delaware.

This is a link for the AT Exchange – http://www.dati.org/v3/home.php


The Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technologies (FAST)

The FAST website address is – https://faast.org/

The Florida AT Exchange website pagehttps://faast.org/listings/

Florida residents can post medical equipment they wish to donate on the exchange once they have registered on the site.

You will find  all sorts of AT devices and medical equipment on the exchange.


Friends of disabled adults and children (FODAC)

FODAC accepts donations of all kinds of durable medical equipment including shower chairs, and their teams will refurbish it and find people who need it.

On their website you will find out about donating here – https://www.fodac.org/dropoff


Idaho AT4All Equipment Exchange

This is an online Assistive Technology Exchange, available to all Idaho residents.

You post your donation on the online exchange.

The equipment exchange page is here  –  https://www.idaho.at4all.com/welcome.aspx


Great Lakes Loan Closets

The Great Lakes Loan Closets serve residents of Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Northern Illinois.

You can donate medical equipment to the different loan closets in your area.

On the home page of the website you will see a link to donate equipment – https://loanclosets.org


Great Lakes Loan Closets

The Great Lakes Loan Closets serve Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Northern Illinois.

You can donate durable medical equipment to the loan closets

On the home page of their website there is a link to donate equipment – https://loanclosets.org


Easter Seals Equipment Loan

Donations of durable medical equipment are accepted – you can give them a call.

“The Assistive Technology Center is located at Easter Seals Iowa Camp Sunnyside, 401 NE 66th Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa 50313. To make an appointment to pick-up or donate medical equipment, tour the Demonstration Center or visit the Lending Library, please call 1-866-866-8782 or 515-289-4069 (TTY) or email atinfo@eastersealsia.org.

Source: their website.

Use this link to fill out their form to donate equipment – Donate equipment to Easterseals Iowa

The main website is here – https://www.easterseals.com/ia/our-programs/assistive-technology-center/


Assistive Technology Kansas – Kansas Equipment Exchange

You can donate all kinds of equipment to this state AT program – it is divided into 6 areas.

To donate the website instructs you to either

  • call 800-526-3648
  • or to email your AT Access Site 

To find out which is your AT Access Site and which of the 6 areas you are in, you can visit this web address – http://atk.ku.edu/contact-atk

To send an email or to telephone the AT access location which serves you, all the contact information you need is on the page I listed above.


The Kentucky Assistive Technology Service (KATS) Network

You can donate all kinds of equipment and devices to KATS.

You can read about all there services here – https://www.katsnet.org/services/

There is a reutilization program which collects and refurbishes durable medical equipment and AT devices . The program organizing this is CARAT – Coordinating and Assisting with the Reuse of Assistive Technology

You can find CARAT on the KATS Network website – https://www.katsnet.org/services/at-reuse/

You will see a button for donating on the above link, where you will find out about equipment drop offs if you don’t want to use their online exchange.


KY Assistive Technology Locator

This is an online exchange for equipment and devices – the KY Assistive Technology Locator

The exchange is here – https://katsnet.at4all.com/

This serves several purposes –

  • you can donate or sell durable medical equipment and AT devices as on any other medical equipment exchange I have listed so far
  • the CARAT inventory of medical equipment available is there
  • there is a lending library program of short term loans of equipment to “try it before you buy it”


Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network (LATAN)

Latan operates the AT Marketplace Louisiana’s Assistive Technology Classifieds.

The AT Marketplace has a range of all types of durable medical equipment.

You can either

  • donate equipment to LATAN to be posted on the AT Marketplace, or
  • you can post medical equipment and AT devices on the exchange yourself

The AT Marketplace page is here on the Latan website – https://www.latan.org/at-marketplace/



Assistive Technology Programs in Maine

Maine has an online assistive technology and equipment exchange called Assistive Technologies Exchange and you can post your shower chair there for free, if you are a resident of Maine, and other site users will contact you.

Assistive Technologies Exchange in Maine – https://at4maine.org/


Maryland Technology Assistance Program (MD TAP)

MD TAP is – http://mdod.maryland.gov/mdtap/Pages/MDTAP-Home.aspx

MD TAP has a directory of loan closets, so you can call the one closest to you and find out about donating equipment

You can download the loan closet directory here –  http://mdod.maryland.gov/mdtap/Pages/Equipment-Loan-Closet-Directory-.aspx

Facebook group in Maine

There is a Facebook in Maine where to donate equipment you can join and offer the equipment to other members of the group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/443254832860014/


MassMATCH – Massachusetts Maximizing Assistive Technology in Consumers Hands

On the MassMATCH website there is a list of local community groups that you can donate to in Massachusetts – https://www.massmatch.org/find_at/borrow.php#Device_Loan_and_Reuse_Programs


MassMatch also has an online equipment exchange listing where you can post DME for donation. You just need to register and then post what you wish to donate on the site.

The exchange is found here – https://getatstuff.massmatch.org/

Requipment  is a durable medical equipment re-use program to which you can donate durable medical equipment and AT devices, including shower chairs.

Requipment have instructions on how to donate equipment to them here  – https://dmerequipment.org/


Great Lakes Loan Closets

The Great Lakes Loan Closets for the residents of Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Northern Illinois.

The loan closets have durable medical equipment – but each one may have its own eligibility requirements and loan period.

There is a link on the home page of the website to donate equipment – https://loanclosets.org


Goodwill-Easter Seals

You can make donations of all kinds of equipment.

The website is here – https://www.goodwilleasterseals.org

You can locate a donation site on this page of the website – –  https://www.goodwilleasterseals.org/donate/find-donation

HERO: Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

HERO accepts donations of all types durable medical equipment .

HERO collects and distributes healthcare supplies to those in need locally and globally.

The page for donations on their website is here – https://www.herofargo.org/donate

There is also a pdf about the equipment they do and they don’t accept and where to drop it off – https://www.herofargo.org/wp-content/uploads/IndividualSupplies.pdf


Project START (Success through Assistive Rehabilitation Technology)

Their  – http://www.msprojectstart.org/

START has a Device Reutilization Program – durable medical equipment donations are accepted, so you can donate a shower chair.

The website page to contact them about donating is here – http://www.msprojectstart.org/contact-us


The Mississippi Equipment Connection Program – is an online recycling database – I couldn’t find it on anywhere on their website, but if you use their contact page you can ask them. 


AT for Missourians

This is another Assistive Technology Program which accepts donations of AT devices and durable medical equipment.

The website is here – https://at.mo.gov

The website page about recycled equipment  can be found here – https://at.mo.gov/recycle-reuse

“Swap ‘n Shop” Exchange Program

The AT program has an Exchange Program for used equipment the “Swap ‘n Shop” Exchange Program

If you wish to use their exchange program the website page is here – https://at.mo.gov/recycle-reuse/swap-n-shop-disclaimer.html

To list equipment you can call Eileen at (816) 655-6700 or email at ebelton@mo-at.org



Easterseals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain

This is another non-profit organization  which accepts donations of a vast array of different kinds of durable medical equipment and other.

Shower chairs are accepted if they are gently used.

Their website is here – https://www.esgw.org

You can locate a donation point to drop off your equipment here – https://www.esgw.org/locations-hours

Montana Adaptive Equipment Program (MAEP)

University of Montana Rural Institute runs the state Assistive Technology program.

You can donate equipment, including shower chairs – they have –

  • device and equipment loan programs
  • an equipment exchange program

You can donate equipment  of all kinds directly to their loan programs here, but you hav to contact them to do so – https://montech.ruralinstitute.umt.edu/donate/,


The equipment exchange where you can register and post your equipment yourself – Montana Assistive Technology Program — Exchange is here – http://montech.ruralinstitute.umt.edu/mtdb/welcome.asp 


Nebraska Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP)

The main website for the state program is here – https://atp.nebraska.gov/

The ATP  –

  • run an online assistive technology exchange and classifieds – it is low cost or free
  • has a ReUse Network, and you can contact them to donate equipment 

The Online Exchange

To find it, go here – https://atp.nebraska.gov/services/equipment , and then click on the link which says at4all.com.

The exchange has are listings for –

  • Demonstration and short-term loans
  • Used equipment for sale
  • Free donated items
  • List items to sell or donate – this is what you want if you wish to post your shower chair on the exchange.

You will of course need to register on the exchange and then you can put up your post.


The ATP  ReUse Network

You can contact them to donate equipment to the ReUse Network – you can find that here – https://atp.nebraska.gov/services/reuse-network

There is a list of partners in their ReUse Network program organized by area with all the relevant contact information.


Nevada Assistive Technology Collaborative (NATC)

NATC runs –

  • an equipment-recycling program called CARE Chest which refurbishes medical equipment
  • an online equipment exchange


CARE Chest

The CARE Chest website is here- https://carechest.org/site/

For donations to CARE Chest use this link – https://carechest.org/site/donate-2/supply-donations/

The Online Equipment Exchange

 The NATC  online equipment exchange – which is here

– https://www.nateproject.com/welcome.aspx

New Hampshire

Refurbished Equipment Marketplace

REM is a non-profit organization which works with AT4NH (New Hampshire Assistive Technologies Program) to refurbish donated durable medical equipment.

If you wish to donate their website is here – http://rem.crotchedmountain.org/Donation-Policy_ep_42.html

New Jersey

Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC)

The main ATAC website is here – http://www.drnj.org/atac/

The ATAC operates

  • the  “Back-in-Action Equipment Exchange Program” which matches people with equipment for sale or donation, with those in need – it’s and online exchange
  • the recycling of donated equipment through Goodwill Home Medical Equipment


The Online Equipment Exchange

You can post a range of equipment including durable medical equipment, so shower chairs are accepted.

You have to register with the site, and then you can post your equipment.

The website for the exchange is here – http://backinaction.drnj.org/home.php

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment 

This is a nonprofit organization in Ewing, New Jersey.

If you want to find out more about donating here rather than going on the online exchange, then go to this web page – https://goodwillnj.org/material-donations/

To find the equipment drop off center nearest to you go here – https://goodwillnj.org/goodwill-donation-site/

New Mexico

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP)

The reuse program is called Back In Use and is run for NMTAP by a nonprofit organization, Adelante Development Center.

Donations of all types of durable medical equipment including shower chairs are accepted.

To donate equipment go here- https://goadelante.org/disability-services/assistive-equipment-biu/backinuse-donate-equipment/

New York

The New York State Assistive Technology (TRAID) Program.

TRAID-IN is an exchange service in New York State connecting people who need equipment with those who want to donate or sell.

You can donate durable medical equipments including shower chairs.

The main website is here – https://www.justicecenter.ny.gov/traid-program

North Carolina

North Carolina Assistive technology Program (NCATP)

The NCATP operates device and equipment loans through 9 centers across North Carolina.

The contact info of the 9 centers are here  – https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/vocational-rehabilitation-services/north-carolina-assistive-technology-program/ncatp

To donate your equipment you contact the center nearest to you .

North Dakota

HERO: Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

HERO does accept donations of shower chairs and other medical equipment as well.

HERO collects and distributes healthcare supplies to those in need locally and globally.

Their donations page is here – https://www.herofargo.org/donate

HERO has a pdf about items which they do and don’t accept, and where to donate the equipment – https://www.herofargo.org/wp-content/uploads/IndividualSupplies.pdf


Oklahoma ABLE Tech

This is an Assistive Technology Program.

The website home page – https://www.okabletech.org

ABLE Tech has –

  • an online equipment exchange
  • device reutilization centers

Online Equipment Exchange

The Equipment Exchange information is here – https://www.okabletech.org/guide-to-all-services/device-reutilization/oklahoma-equipment-exchange

Donating to the centers

To donate equipment to the centers you will have to submit an online donation form here – https://www.okabletech.org/guide-to-all-services/device-reutilization/apply-for-dme/donate

There are eight Drop Off Locations listed where equipment can be taken on the web page linked to above.

Able Tech does do some pick ups as well.


Oregon Statewide Assistive Technology Program

OSAT refurbishes medical equipment and AT devices and sells them as recycled equipment.

There is also an online exchange program in Oregon where you can post any equipment that you wish to donate. They allow AT devices and durable medical equipment. 

To find out more go here – https://www.accesstechnologiesinc.org/about/oregon-statewide-at-program


United Cerebral Palsy of Central Pennsylvania

TechOwl supports the program – they are the Commonwealths Assistive Technology Act Program.

The UCP website is found at this address – https://www.ucpcentralpa.org

Changing Hands is an equipment exchange program which supplies refurbished home medical equipment and AT devices to residents of Pennsylvania on a first come first served basis.

The page for donations is here https://www.ucpcentralpa.org/services/assistive-technology/changing-hands

You need to fill out an online form to donate or call them – all info is on the above link.

Many different types of AT devices and durable medical equipment are accepted as donations to the program.


Rhode Island

Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP)

ATAP contracts with Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL)  to provide a device exchange program and you can donate your equipment and devices there.

OSCIL has equipment for short, or long term loan.

The OSCIL website is here –  http://www.oscil.org/assistive-technology.html

To donate you will need to contact them, and the information for that is on their website.

South Carolina

South Carolina Assistive Technology Program (SCATP)

The SCATP runs the South Carolina Assistive Technology Exchange. The exchange is a free online exchange where anyone can post equipment for free or sale.

The SC  AT Exchange website page address – https://scatpexchange.net


There is also SC Assistive Technology Reuse, which collects used medical equipment and re-distributes it. You can find a pdf about that service here.

To donate your equipment to SC Assistive Technology Reuse, you can call SC Assistive Technology Reuse on 803-935-5273.

You can donate shower chairs and other durable medical equipment to both the exchange and the Reuse program.

South Dakota


There is an AT Exchange site to which you can donate used medical equipment and assistive devices.

You can find it here – https://www.dakotalink.net/at-activities/recycling-reuse/ or here – https://www.sd.at4all.com/welcome.asp 

South Dakota Medicaid Reuse Program

“DakotaLink” has a program for the reuse of durable medical equipment and other Assistive Technology Devices purchased for individuals eligible for Medicaid.

pilot program site has been established in Sioux Falls, SD.

For more information contact Merrinfo@dakotalink.net or call 605-271-5074 or 866-274-2594. 

You can access the pilot site brochure here – https://www.dakotalink.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/MERR-Brochure-20181004-1.pdf 

For donations you will neeed to email or call to find out more.


United Cerebral Palsy Equipment Exchange

To donate any equipment you need to call and make an appointment.

Th eorganization accepts all sorts of medical equipment.

The contact information is here – http://ucpmidtn.org/programs-and-services/equipment-exchange/


Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP)

TTAP is another state assistive technology program. It  is partnered with Project Mend in San Antonio.

Project Mend accepts donations of shower chairs and other types of medical equipment and AT devices.

Project Mend makes long term loans of refurbished medical equipment to persons with disabilities.

The donations page is here – https://www.projectmend.org/donate/

To schedule a pick up or drop off for equipment at their warehouse you will need to call them.


Utah Assistive Technology Program (UATP)

You can donate equipment through the statewide device exchange, you can simply register and post your donation on the listing.

This is the website device exchange- http://www.uatpat.org/classifieds/

You can also donate equipment to UATP at their different site

To donate a device to the organization at the different sites, you need to contact them.

You can get the contacts here – http://www.uatpat.org/device_reuse/

For Salt Lake City you can get donation info here – http://www.uatpat.org/uatp-slc/


Vermont Assistive Technology Program

Vermont has an Assistive Technology Equipment Exchange where you can donate all kinds of medical equipment.

The website address for the Vermont AT Exchange is – https://vt.at4all.com

This is the  Vermont Assistive Technology Program Information sheet –



Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS)

The Virginia Reuse Network (VRN) Equipment Exchange is an AT Equipment Exchange.

To donate on the VRN Equipment Exchange you need to visit this page here –  http://www.vats.org/apps/inquiries/Default.aspx

Virginia Reuse Network(VRN)

VRN operates with durable medical equipment reuse sites across the state, to which you can donate used durable medical equipment.

The sites for donations can be found here –http://www.vats.org/ATrecycling.htm

Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment Endowment (F.R.E.E.)

The F.R.E.E. Foundation has a number of reuse sites which reuse durable medical equipment and AT devices, and partners with the VRN.

To donate equipment to F.R.E.E.

The information is found here –http://www.free-foundation.org/donate-equipment

The Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center (WWRC)

The WWRC works with the VRN as well, and has a site where equipment is recycled.

You can donate durable medical equipment to this site  also.

You can find out about it here – https://www.wwrc.net/


Washington Assistive Technology Act Program

This program accepts kinds of durable medical equipment, including shower chairs.


WATAP has online equipment exchange of classified Ads.

You can register and place a post with the equipment you wish to donate on the exchnage.

The online equipment exchange is here – https://www.myatprogram.org/Default.aspx?state=53 

WATAP works with community reuse providers to expand its programs. You can donate all kinds of durable medical equipment and AT devices.

To donate your equipment to a reuse provider contact one of the centers listed on this page – http://watap.org/device-reuse

West Virginia

The WVATS Loan and Exchange System

West Virginia Assistive Technology System runs an equipment reuse program which takes donated medical equipment and assistive devices.

To donate to the program

To donate equipment directly to the program contact them here –  http://wvats.cedwvu.org/contact-us/


Online Equipment Exchange and Loan Library

The Virtual Loan Library and Exchange is an online equipment exchange where you can also post your donation of used medical equipment.

The website page is – https://vll.cedwvu.org/welcome.aspx

Other Reutilization Programs

WSVATS  contracts with two existing reutilization programs  –

Ark of Mid Ohio Valley which have thrift shops where you can donate your used medical equipment – http://thearcmov.org/wp/thrift-shops/

North West Virginia Center for Independent Living which offers support and distributes equipment.


Great Lakes Loan Closets

The Great Lakes Loan Closets for the residents of Michigan, Wisconsin, Northern Indiana and Northern Illinois.

The loan closets have durable medical equipment – but each one may have its own eligibility requirements and loan period.

There is a link on the home page of the website to donate equipment – https://loanclosets.org

WisTech supports two statewide device reutilization programs


The Durable Medical Equipment Program

This is run by the Bureau of Correctional Enterprises. The refurbished DME is then listed online on the websitewww.wisconsin4all.com

You can register for the online exchange at the link above and post your add for the free shower chair there.

Wisconsin DNR – Department of Natural Resources

The DNR recommends the two organizations below for donations of durable medical equipment –

H.E.L.P. Lending Closet – https://www.goodnewswi.com/get-involved/medical-lending-closet/

IndependenceFirst Inc. – https://www.independencefirst.org/home/

If you wish to donate to these organizations, use their contact info.


Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR)

Once again this is a state assistive technology program.

There are two options here – 

  • you can donate directly to the WATR
  • or you can use the online exchange

To donate directly to the WATR  and not post your equipment on the exchange, you need to fill out a Donated Device Form here – http://www.uwyo.edu/wind/watr/reuse/donate.html

To exchange online, sell and recycle gently used equipment – the web page for the online equipment exchange is – www.wy.at4all.com

If you are looking for somewhere in your neighborhood where you can donate your equipment

Now that I have gone through all the statewide programs I want to take a more local approach and suggest a places near your home which may either need equipment or be able to tell you who else does.

This is a list places in you may like to look into –


  • Local Hospitals 
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Private Clinics
  • Thrift Stores
  • Senior Centers or Elderly Day Care Centers
  • Veterans Group Homes
  • Retirement Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes

You can try sites like Craigs List

Other than the assistive technology program state exchanges you have the more well known sites on the internet where you can put up a classified for sale or donation.

But please don’t offer to let people come and pick it up, as there are unsavory people out there who may be trawling the online ads to find victims, especially if you are caring for an elderly person.

You should also create a throw-away email address, so that you don’t  get inundated with spam emails – so don’t use your regular private email for this.

You can give away used medical equipment on these sites –


  • Craigslist
  • Ebay
  • Freecycle

Local agencies and groups who may know where you can donate equipment

Here are a few more agencies and community organizations where you might be able to get ideas or contacts for your donation –

Area Agency On Aging

Area Agencies on Aging is the first place I would go, as they are deeply involved in the community activities for the elderly and their caregivers, and actually support many different programs. 

To find your local Area Agency on Aging you can use their locator tool – click here to do so.

Area Agencies on Aging will also know if there are any loan closets, recycling centers or community groups near you to which you can donate used medical equipment.

Social Services

Your local social services should be aware of any programs that are accepting donations of durable medical equipment.


Your local church officials and active members of the congregation will doubtless know of  charitable community projects which are accepting donations of durable medical equipment.

Local Town Hall or Chamber of Commerce

If you are not having any luck, you could always go here to ask about nonprofit organizations who work in your area and help the disadvantaged or elderly, and who are likely to accept donations.

Tax deductions on donations

If you donate to a registered charity you may want to make sure that you get a receipt which you can use for taxes.

This is if you would like to get a tax deduction for your donation, because the IRS will require a receipt for the item.

I’m Gareth and I’m the owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

Gareth Williams

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