Where To Buy A Bariatric Commode ?


Buying medical equipment can be pretty confusing, if I’m not wondering which model should I get, I’m struggling to work out where I should buy it. And then I am wondering if I can buy it used or not. So, in this article I’m going to take you through the shops and websites that I like for bariatric commodes, some different ways of getting them for through insurance, and finally where you can get a good deal on a refurbished model.

 Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot all sell bariatric commodes, as do specialist medical suppliers like Rehabmart.com and American Discount Home Medical Equipment. You can also buy a refurbished bariatric commode at medical equipment refurbishment outlets all over the US.

Where can you get the widest range of bariatric commodes ?


I think it is a good idea to decide what qualifies as a bariatric commode, and typically it seems that bedside commodes which have a weight capacity of over 350 lb are bariatric.

The retailers who have the widest selection of bariatric commodes made by a reputable brand are –

Walmart – many static bariatric commodes and numerous bariatric rolling commodes

Amazon – a good selection of static bariatric commodes from well known brands but a much smaller collection of bariatric rolling commodes with very few well known brands

Rehabmart.com – a good range of both the static bariatric commodes and the rolling bariatric commodes, and also some very specialist chairs for those with more complicated needs – a little strange in that there is a mix of well known brands and some commodes with no branding at all.

American Discount Home Medical (Home-med-equip.com) – a good-sized range of both static and rolling bariatric commodes, plenty of choice between the models, and importantly  all of from well known and good quality brands.


Do bear in mind that bariatric commodes have differing  weight capacities, from 350/400 lb up to 1500 lb, so make sure that you get the model with the right weight capacity. I have a list of over 60 models, organized according to their weight capacity and then their type – “Bariatric Bedside Commode Weight Limits: A Guide With 60 Examples and Illustrations”.

Features on bariatric commodes which vary

Bariatric commodes can vary quite widely in a number of ways –


  • seat height from the floor ranges from 17″ up to 28″ 
  • seat widths range from 13″ up to 31″
  • seat depths range from 14″ up to 23″
  • widths between armrests range from 17 3/4″ up to 31 1/4″ 


Variations in easy size and form –


  • elongated bedside commode seats
  • elongated seats with extra wide frames
  • extra wide frames and seat
  • open front seats for increased access for personal hygiene
  • padded seats


    You can read more about the different features of bariatric commodes in these two articles –  “How Wide Is A Bariatric Commode ?” and “Do Bedside Commodes Come In Different Sizes ?”.

    If I were shopping for a bariatric commode, where would I go for each type ?


    Bariatric static commodes –

    Walmart, Amazon, Rehabmart.com, Home-med-equip.com

    Attendant transport commodes –

    Walmart, Amazon, Rehabmart.com, Home-med-equip.com

    Self-propelling transport commodes

    Rehabmart.com, Home-med-equip.com

    Attendant Shower chair transport commodes

    Walmart,  Rehabmart.com, Home-med-equip.com

    Self -propelling shower chair transport commodes

    Walmart, Rehabmart.com, Home-med-equip.com


    I do find Amazon very difficult to use because the sellers put in so many words into the titles that the searches mix everything up, so I wouldn’t buy a commode there, as I can go to any of the others and get it done in one quarter of the time


    My favorite of all is American Discount Home Medical – https://home-med-equip.com.

    They have a good range of bariatric commodes from reputable brands, and all the specifications for every model, all the manufacturers’ information, all the model numbers, are easy to find for the customer. It is easy to find and to buy something there.

    Well known brands of bedside commodes


    The following list is of well known brands of bariatric commodes which can be relied upon for their quality. It includes brands of 3-in-1, All-in-One, drop arm, extra wide, and tall  bariatric or heavy duty static commodes –

    • Big John
    • Carex
    • DMI
    • Drive
    • Gendron
    • Guardian
    • Homecraft
    • Invacare
    • Lumex
    • McKesson
    • Medline
    • Nova
    • Performance Health
    • Probasics
    • TFI Healthcare
    • Tuffcare


    Well known brands of rolling commodes


    The following list is of well known brands of rolling commodes (on wheels). The includes brands of both attendant and self propelling transport commodes and shower chair transport commodes –

    • ActiveAid
    • Arjo
    • Drive
    • Healthline Ezee Life
    • Invacare
    • Lumex
    • Medline
    • Performance Health
    • Probasics
    • TFI Healthcare
    • Tuffcare


    How much does a bariatric commode cost ?


    Bariatric commodes, which have a weight capacity of 400 lb, start at around $100.00 for a standard commode, but are typically closer to $200.00 for the basic models, with some high-end models costing over $3000.00

    Bariatric commodes  are more expensive than standard commodes, due to their superior build quality, the materials used, and their construction.


    The price of the commode will be related to the –

    • weight capacity required
    • the features


    If you want to see more about their cost, I have an article with all the models and prices,  listed by weight capacity and then by type.

    You can read the article here –“How Much Does A Bedside Commode Cost ? A Guide With Over 160 Examples By Category”

    Do you have Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage plan ?


    If you are buying a bariatric commode for someone who is enrolled in Medicare Part B or has a Medicare Advantage plan, you could find that the purchase may be covered for up to 80% of its cost if it is considered to be “medically necessary” by Medicare.

    I am going to give a brief summary of what you have to do to qualify and the process you need to follow if you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, or have an Advantage plan in the next section below.

    If you want to know the full detailed process, then you can go and read my article “Does Medicare Cover Bedside Commodes ?” here, in which it is all outlined, and other sources of funding which you may be able to receive if you are not enrolled in Medicare Part B.

    In the same article, I have explained how if you qualify for Medicaid, you may also qualify for different pieces of durable medical equipment through different state HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) waivers and other programs – this does vary by state, but if you are on Medicaid, it is possible that you qualify for a home care program where equipment for the home is covered. The Medicaid information about HCBS waivers, and a few other programs, and whom to contact to find out if you are eligible, is in the second half of this article here.

    I also have an article which lists all Medicaid waivers and HCBS programs in each state in the US, along with several other state programs providing funding to the elderly, and the disabled, for home care and durable medical equipment such as bedside commodes – “Home And Community Based Services, HCBS Waivers And 1915 Waivers, By State”

    When is a bariatric commode covered by Medicare ?


    Typically, Medicare will cover 80% of the Medicare-approved price of a bariatric commode for a person enrolled in Medicare Part B who has a signed prescription from a Medicare-enrolled doctor certifying that a bariatric commode is  “medical necessary” for that person.

    The Medicare actual text  –
    Commode chairs
    Part B (Medical Insurance) covers commode chairs as durable medical equipment(DME) when ordered by a doctor for use in your home if you can’t use a regular toilet.

    You can find the whole passage here, Medicare.gov.

    So to qualify medically for a bariatric commode your doctor has, firstly to be a medicare-enrolled provider, and has to show that you are medically unable to use the toilet, or get to the toilet without assistance.

    Once you have seen your Medicare-enrolled doctor, and you have your prescription, the next step is to  go to see a Medicare-enrolled supplier where you will  pick out the bariatric commode for which you have a prescription.

    To get the best price you will need to use a supplier who accepts assignment (Medicare terminology) and you will only be asked to pay 20% of the Medicare-approved price as your coinsurance, and if it applies your Medicare deductible.

    So paying your Medicare deductible just to buy a 100$ bedside commode is not going to be very sensible, as the deductible will be more than the commode, but if you have already paid your deductible to Medicare in that year for other services or equipment, it will not apply, and so you will get you 100$ commode for 20$, which is, let’s face it, a good deal.

    With a Medicare Advantage plan, you are entitled to the same coverage as medicare Part B.

    The only part which changes with an Advantage plan, is that you will have to purchase your commode from a supplier within your plan’s network to be covered. 

    Where do you look for a bariatric commode with Medicare Part B ?


    Medicare will only give coverage if you use a Medicare-enrolled supplier, and as I said previously, to get the best prices you have to use those suppliers who are (1) “Medicare Participating Suppliers” and (2) who accept assignment.

    You can find a local durable medical equipment supplier who is Medicare-enrolled on  Medicare.gov.

    If you are a Veteran, can you get help to pay for your bariatric commode ?


    The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has grants, programs, forms of financial assistance and pensions which will help to cover the cost of equipment such as a bariatric commodes for veterans.

    To find your local VA Medical Centers, Clinics and offices, use this link here.

    Where you can buy the bariatric commode may depend on the funding you receive, or you may be able to buy it where you want. 

    Where can you buy a refurbished bedside commode  ?


    If you are happy with buying used equipment, it is possible to get “gently used” medical equipment which has been refurbished, across the US at stores like Goodwill, the Salvation Army and thrift stores.



    This is the website page to find your local store – https://www.goodwill.org/locator/

    Salvation Army

    Go to this page on their website to find out how  – https://satruck.org/

    Across the US there are many nonprofit organizations refurbishing used medical equipment which they then make available to those with less financial means.

    One organization which will be aware of the different refurbishing centers and non-profits doing this in near you, will be the local Area Agency on Aging.


    Area Agency On Aging

    Area Agencies on Aging work hand-in-hand with local community groups to provide services and to help caregivers and the elderly.

    You can find your local agency with their locator tool – click here to do so.

    Assistive Technology Programs online exchanges


    Assistive Technology Programs – these are state programs which are run to increase access for the disabled and the elderly to AT devices and equipment who can’t afford to pay high prices, if at anything all.

    AT programs are very often are partnered with nonprofit organizations and community groups who work to recycle and refurbish devices and equipment and get them out through their network.

    Assistive Technology is pretty much synonymous with durable medical equipment , and so bariatric commodes.

    A state AT program will have a website with all their services and different events that they run statewide to increase their outreach. As a state resident you can register with them, let them know if you are in need of assistance and equipment – sometimes they will find equipment for you at a cheap price, or for free depending on your financial situation.

    In addition, almost all state AT Programs also have an “Online AT Exchange”, where once registered (you must be a state resident) members may exchange, buy, sell or donate equipment. You can find a lot of surprising deals and donations on the exchanges.

    In another article, I have listed all of these AT Programs with links to the websites and to the different Online AT Exchanges for each state – the article is about donating bedside commodes, but all the exchange websites are listed. You just pick your state from the list, which is about halfway through the article, and it will take you to the link to the website and exchange for that state. The article is here.

    I’m Gareth, the author and owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

    I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

    Gareth Williams

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