How To Find And Buy Used Medical Equipment near me on UsedHME.com ? A Quick Illustrated Guide


The website “usedhme.com” is a site which is dedicated to used home medical equipment.

It is simple to buy used home medical equipment near you, or from further afield if you want to.

The site is basically a classified listing for private individuals selling, or donating, their used medical equipment.

UsedHME.com does not get in the middle of transactions, and the buyer deals directly with the seller.

How to find and buy used medical equipment near me, on usedHME.com

  UsedHME.com is a “free listing service where people can, buy, sell or donate” used home medical equipment. As well as the used home medical equipment for sale, the site has a large number of items which are offered for free. So that you can see equipment posted by people in your area, the website works using zip codes. You will be able to set the distance from your zip code for which you want to see search results, if you are willing to travel outside your zip code to pick up items. Now over to the website, here – http://usedhme.com   The first step is to click – “Find/Purchase Equipment” menu tab shown below.  

This loads the “Find A Product” page, which you can see below.

Choose the category of equipment you want to buy.


The next page loads where you will need to –


  • enter your zip code
  • set the radius of your search area around your zip code

See the “Search by ZIP Code” in the image below.



Next, a page of listings will load, with all the items, the prices and the owners’ locations – town and state – and their contact information which I have grayed out for privacy.

  You will make contact directly with the owner using the contact information given with the listing.  

There are no guarantees when you buy on used equipment on usedHME.com

  Buying used medical equipment from private individuals on social media platforms, comes with no guarantees, and you are buying at your own risk. In comparison with a purchase from a licensed reuse center for refurbished medical equipment, you have no idea whether equipment bought from a private individual online is safe to use. Typically, used medical equipment from a reuse center, which refurbishes the equipment, is entirely different – refurbishing is typically done within State guidelines – equipment is checked, repaired if necessary by technicians, sanitized and checked for safety.  

The equipment pick up

  With all these online platforms, where you do not know the seller, it is sensible to have another person accompany you to any meeting to pick up equipment. Don’t have anyone who is selling equipment, that you do not know, deliver to your home, especially if you have an elderly loved one living there. It is best to arrange a meeting at a mall or in the center of your town or village. Stay Safe !!

Where else can I buy used medical equipment online near me ?


You can also find free used medical equipment locally online on –


  • eBay.com
  • Craigslist.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Nextdoor.com


Where can I find used medical equipment online near me for free ?


You can also find free used medical equipment locally online on –


  • Facebook groups and Marketplace
  • Freecycle.org
  • Craigslist.com
  • Nextdoor.com


Here are a number of quick illustrated guides, on how to get free used medical equipment on each of the above websites/online listings –


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