How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me on Freecycle.org ? A Very Quick Illustrated Guide


If you are wanting to donate used medical equipment so that someone else may benefit from it, donating it online on Freestuff.org is an easy way to find it a new home, and you can do it in your local area, and it is all free.


How to donate used medical equipment online near me on Freecycle.org 


Freecycle.org is a massive network of groups of people who offer items for free to keep them out of landfill –

“The Freecycle Network (TFN, or Freecycle) is a private, nonprofit organization registered in Arizona ….. TFN coordinates a worldwide network of “gifting” groups to divert reusable goods from landfills.”

 – Wikepedia.org, as it says it all.

You can visit the sight, find a group in your area, join the group, and then gift whatever you would like, for others in the group to reuse.


Step 1

To find a group near you, you need to go to this page on the freecycle website –


You will come to the page shown below.



The page above loads, you type into the “Find a Town” field, the town and state in which you wish to search for groups.

You will then have the choice of either list view or map view, as shown below.

Alternatively, you can click on map view and keep moving the map around and expanding it, until you find the area you are looking for, and you will see all the groups in the area, and then you tap on one that you want to join – it’s a bit long-winded though to do it that way.

For this example, I typed San Jose, Ca, into the “Find a Town” search field. You can see the result below for the list and map views.


Step 2

In both the “list view” and the “map view”, if you find a group that you want to join, you then click on the big green “join” button.

You will then be asked to either –


  • login, if you are already a member

or to

  • sign up if you are not yet a member of freecycle



Step 3

Once you have “signed up” or “logged in” you will have to wait while your membership of the group is pending approval.

Once your membership of the group has been approved, you can then post a photo and the details about the medical equipment that you wish to donate.

Members can post both items which they are offering, and also can put up posts requesting items they are looking for.

You can join any number of groups in your area – pending their approval, of course.

If another member of your group wishes to have your item, they will contact you through the site.

Where else can I donate used medical equipment online near me for free ?


As well as donating on Freecycle.org,  you can also donate used medical equipment locally online for free with –

  • Craigslist.com
  • Facebook.com
  • Usedhme.com


 I have articles which take you through how to do this step by step, on each platform, and you can find links to each of these articles below.

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