Where To Donate Quad Canes ?


If you own a “gently used” quad cane, donating it to an organization, or online to a private individual, can make a significant impact on another person’s life who simply doesn’t have the finances to pay for one themselves.

This article serves as a very straight forward guide to the many options available for donating used medical equipment.

Where to donate a quad cane ? Gently used quad canes can be donated to

  • State Assistive Technology Projects
  • state online equipment exchanges
  • reuse centers
  • community loan closets (state and local) and bikur cholim
  • non-profit charities
  • thrift stores
  • medical equipment refurbishment projects
  • faith-based organizations
  • local churches
  • senior centers
  • veterans centers
  • private individuals on classified websites and social media platforms

Donating quad canes to State Assistive Technology Programs

State Assistive Technology Programs (AT Programs)  – present one of a number of opportunities to contribute to a program focused on your quad cane donation’s continuous reuse.

These AT programs are dedicated to improving access to assistive technology devices, including durable medical equipment, for the benefit of state residents, with a particular focus on those with low incomes, the elderly and the disabled.

A state AT program will typically offer the following services  –

  • equipment lending libraries
  • demonstration centers
  • a network of reuse centers and refurbishing centers
  • and may also have an online exchange site

Your donation to the state AT program will be included in the inventory of assistive devices and durable medical equipment available for loan to individuals in need, who access the state AT program to obtain their essential devices.

To find out about how to donate to your State AT Program, click on your state in the list below.


Click on your state to go to your State AT Program website

Donating your quad canes to Refurbishment or Reuse Centers

Medical equipment refurbishment centers and reuse centers are another significant option for your quad cane donation.

Your quad cane can find new life at medical equipment refurbishment centers, where they will perform any sanitizing and repairs required, and find it a new home.

A majority of the refurbishment centers are non-profit organizations and aim to redistribute equipment received to those with a low income, no health insurance, or to the disabled and elderly individuals in need, at the lowest cost possible, or even for free.

Through reuse centers, equipment finds its way back into circulation as well, but without necessarily undergoing sanitization or refurbishment processes.

Similarly to the refurbishment centers, reuse centers also offer the equipment to individuals in need at affordable prices, or as donations.

To find a center near you, just do an online search for “medical equipment refurbishing centers” or “reuse centers” near you.

Donating quad canes to Centers for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) assist disabled individuals to maintain their independence in the community –

“provide independent living services for people with disabilities. CILs are at the core of ACL’s independent living programs, which work to support community living and independence for people with disabilities across the nation based on the belief that all people can live with dignity, make their own choices, and participate fully in society. These programs provide tools, resources, and supports for integrating people with disabilities fully into their communities to promote equal opportunities, self-determination, and respect.”

Source : https://acl.gov/programs/aging-and-disability-networks/centers-independent-living

If your aim is to donate your quad cane to those with disabilities, why not get in touch with the nearest Center for Independent Living. CILs frequently have loan closets with essential equipment to support their members, and your quad canes might be greatly appreciated.

Check for the center closest to you here – website.

Donating quad canes to community Medical Equipment Loan Closets

You can make a positive difference in your community by donating your quad cane to your local community medical equipment loan closet.

These important community resources allow residents in their service area to borrow durable medical equipment, contributing to the well-being of those in need.

Playing a vital role in assisting low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, loan closets help to ensure the distribution of durable medical equipment.

Typically, your quad cane will be available for loan without charge, though larger items like patient lifts, or hospital beds, may require a deposit.

While loan closets may differ in size, they are commonly modest community enterprises supported by a band of devoted volunteers.

How to find loan closets in your neighborhood ?

I always begin by doing a few online searches, and if that doesn’t get the results I am looking for, I try contacting a few key places –

  • I enter the following terms into my browser engine – “medical equipment loan closet + your location”, “medical equipment lending closet + your location”, “medical equipment lending bank + your location”, or “medical equipment bank + your location”
  • if it’s the case that you can’t find any loan closets with your online research, try getting in touch with your county’s Area Agency on Aging. There is a very good chance that they will be aware of Durable Medical Equipment loan closets in your area. Find your county agency using this locator tool – here
  • if the Area Agency on Aging couldn’t provide what you were looking for, I would take the next step, and contact your local human resources or seniors department, to see if they have any information on loan closets that might be helpful
  • find out about your local reuse or medical equipment refurbishing centers (do an online search), and ask them for any information on loan closets which they may have
  • Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs and American Legion Posts – these three organizations operate numerous small community medical equipment loan closets across the US, so it would be a good idea to locate those near you and inquire further about loan closets in the area

To find Lions Clubs in your area, take a quick look at my guide here – How To Find A Lions Club Near Me ? A Very Quick Illustrated Guide

To find Rotary Clubs in your area, take a quick look at my guide here – How To Find A Rotary Club Near Me ? A Very Quick Illustrated Guide


Bikur Cholim or Medical Equipment Gemacht –  (Jewish medical equipment loan closets)

Run for, and by, members of the Jewish community, you can donate all types of durable medical equipment, including quad canes.

You can make inquiries about loan closets at your local synagogue, Jewish community center, or search on the Chesed Match website.

National and International organizations which accept donations of quad canes


To donate your quad cane, locate a store near you and give them a call – https://www.goodwill.org/locator/

Salvation Army

To donate your quad canes, click on the following link  – https://satruck.org/


To locate your local affiliate to make your quad canes donation, use this link – https://www.easterseals.com/connect-locally/

The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations

Their website page for donating quad canes is here – http://www.pqmd.org/pillars/donation-guidelines/

Project Cure

Their website page for donating your quad canes is here – https://projectcure.org/donate-supplies-equipment

REMEDY – Recovered Medical Equipment for the developing World

To donate your quad cane to REMEDY, use this web page here – https://www.med-eq.org/Login/form.aspx?type=donate&quick=1

Advocates for World Health

The page for donating your quad cane is here – https://awhealth.org/donate-medical-equipment/


To donate your quad cane, go here – https://www.esperanca.org/donate-supplies/


Go to the MedShare website to donate your quad cane here – https://www.medshare.org/

HERO Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization

You can find about donating your quad cane on their website here – https://www.herofargo.org/wp-content/uploads/IndividualSupplies.pdf


The page for donations is here on their website – https://www.medwish.org/give

Global Links

To donate your quad cane, go to this website pagehttps://www.globallinks.org/our-work/programs/medical-surplus-recovery-program/individual-and-community-surplus-recovery

Global Mobility USA

You can donate your quad cane at this web address – http://www.globalmobilityusa.org/equipment-and-in-kind-donations

Medical Bridges

This is the donation page on their website – http://www.medicalbridges.org/donate/medical-supplies-and-equipment

Online listing sites and other social media platforms where you can donate quad canes near you

In my opinion, donating on online platforms is the most practical method of donating, as it permits you to target recipients in your preferred local areas. You can select in what areas your donation advertisement or posting will be visible.

While donating online, keep these precautions in mind for a safe and secure result

  • be sure to mention in your posting/advertisement that you are donating your quad cane “as is,” and you won’t be liable for any problems occurring after the handover
  • ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly individuals in your home should be your primary concern. While respecting their privacy, be cautious about having strangers come in for an item pick-up
  • meet the recipient in a public area to hand over your quad cane for added safety, and if you feel uneasy or vulnerable, have a friend accompany you
  • protect your personal email from tsunami of spam by not using it on online classified sites like Craigslist – instead use a throwaway email address

    The following online platforms allow you to donate equipment to others for free –

    • Craigslist.com
    • UsedHME.com
    • Nextdoor.com
    • Facebook.com
    • Freecycle.org
    • OfferUp.com


    If you’ve never donated an item on one of these sites, I have short illustrated guides on how to donate new, or used, devices on each one –

    Craigslist.com – “How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On Craigslist ? An Illustrated Guide”

    UsedHME.com – “How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On UsedHME ? An illustrated Guide”

    Facebook.com – “How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me On Facebook ? An Illustrated Guide”

    Freecycle.org – “How To Donate Used Medical Equipment Near Me on Freecycle.org ? A Very Quick Illustrated Guide”

    Nextdoor.com – “How To Get Free Medical Equipment Near Me On Nextdoor.com ? A Quick Illustrated Guide”

    OfferUp.com – There is already a very good video showing how to use OfferUp, see below.

    Donating quad canes in your neighborhood

    If you prefer to personally go door to door with your donation, there are plenty of good options to explore in your neighborhood –


    • Local Hospitals
    • Emergency rooms
    • Thrift stores
    • Senior Centers or Elderly Day Care Centers
    • Veterans Centers
    • Local Retirement Homes
    • Churches
    • Your local council Seniors’ department

    Organizations near you who may know where to donate a quad cane

    If you need still more information, the organizations below may be able to advise you –

    Area Agency On Aging

    Your county Area Agency on Aging should be the first place you look when searching for information on services available to seniors. Medical equipment loan closets being one of the services commonly asked about for and by seniors.

    To find the Area Agency on Aging in your county, use this link to the locator tool – click here.

     Social Services

    For information about the available resources to those in need in your area, ask your Social Services department. The department will be well-acquainted with active charitable programs that are operated to help and support those in need in your area.


    Faith-based Charities

    The Catholic Charities and Society of St Vincent de Paul

    In communities throughout the US, the Catholic Charities and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are actively running programs and providing services to help low-income families, the homeless, refugees, and victims of abuse.

    I would contact your local chapter of either organization and see if they be able to provide any insights into where your donation of a quad cane will be appreciated.

    To find the chapter responsible for services in your area, of either one of the two organizations, do an online search for “name of the charity + where you live”.


    Local Town Hall or Chamber of Commerce

    Lastly, don’t forget to ask your town hall and chamber of commerce for information about nonprofit organizations and charities within their administrative area, particularly those involved in refurbishing and redistributing durable medical equipment.

    Why isn’t your quad cane donation being accepted ?

    Sometimes, your donation might not be accepted due to –

    • the quad cane being in poor condition or too old
    • sanitization requirements that some organizations cannot fulfill
    • used quad canes no longer having warranties
    • the used equipment not complying with specific state laws

    Tax deductions on donations

    Keep your receipt for any donations that you make to any charities, if you are hoping to get a tax deduction – the IRS will require the receipt for the item.


    I’m Gareth, the author and owner of Looking After Mom and Dad.com

    I have been a caregiver for over 10 yrs and share all my tips here.

    Gareth Williams

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